Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Comrades- please concentrate on your activities:-

Already it was made clear by this CHQ about the anti democratic activities of our Rival AISBCE union about the Recognition of this association.Appeal made by  learn t General Secretary to approach Court against the decision of Recognition of this association which was totally anti-democratic and against the SBCO staff. Just Our section & Department is passing through Critical situation. Department has no any proposal or program about SBCO cadre.So called only one Recognized AIBCE Union which is functioning since long has no any target , direction, proposal in favor of SBCO. It has no any all India level policy. It has downgraded status of SBCO without any firm & constructive policy. No any support of Department or any union/ federation to protect us & to save our cadre. The fruitless out come of the activities in 20/25 years of this so called Recognized union compelled to establish this association. With activities at all India Level with All India policy with participation in all activities but without any facilities our association has secured recognition through Departmental Provisions and process on its own strength of membership.Also it is open secrete that in all circles we are increasing our such situation SBCO staff is looking towards us with faith & belief.Even office bearers of AISBCE union are not satisfied with their policies, working and money making business,saving personal interests. They are joining us in all circles. SBCO cadre is sensitive ,working as local audit. But its status is decreasing day by day. Even General secretary  of this association cannot save its own members at his office. Tendancy of using SBCO staff for operative work is increasing. So called AISBCE union is helpless in this case. We have strongly apposed this situation.We have stopped this practice where it is pointed out by our circle branches. Even Department is accepting this fact. When we  ourselves are ready for surrender our status who will save us? 
So think of our position, status, identity and future.The anti democratic activities of this union may be strictly adhered by the staff. Hi-light this matter to every member. It is history that AISBCE union has not succeed in any court case. Only money making business through such cases is running since long. Now appeal to collect 5000/- Rs. from each circle by General Secretary through Circular for Court case against our Recognition is proof of this.Will you be the part of such anti democratic activities or join us for our survival or better future.  It is now in our hand. So Get up , make our staff aware about the anti staff, anti democratic act, money making business of such selfish AISBCE union leaders. It is necessary to give information to our SBCO staff and make them ready to be ready for fight for our survival by joining our mission to save SBCO for our better future unless we will be spoiled, finish. at last decision is yours. because its is also your future. it is in your hand. Do you want to survive or ruined ? If you want survival join us  in our mission by making our brothers/sister about this and get them with us in our mission by accepting membership by resigning that union immediately. Don't believe in rumors. we are keeping watch on all facts. We are ready for counter  case at Kolkatta  against this also we are ready for it at all level. No damage for our Recognition. But AISBCE union will loose its status  due to such anti democratic & anti staff interest activities.
- S.P.Kulkarni, President

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