Monday, July 4, 2011

RECOGNITION ISSUE of this Association.

So called AISBCE union leaders are more interested to withdraw the Recognition of this association by hook & crook.Figures call under RTI by are highlighted again & again with support of Kolkatta Cort case directions to the Department to review the figures.Rumors are spread again & again to misguide the members. It will be better if they use such will for the constructive work for SBCO. They must self relization what they are doing? There are burning issues in SBCO. The future of SBCO is in dark. SBCO staff is suppressed by all authorities at local levels. Without supporting to staff and save their future this AISBCE union leaders are interested  only to De recognized our association. They are feared about their existence. Reports received  from all circles our membership is increasing. More over The figures collected by AISBCE union under RTI are changed when our association has called Figures under RTI information recently. The revised figures received to our CHQ are different & more than the previous information.This situation Department is unable to take any decision to De recognized AIPSBCO association as appealed by so called AISBCE union. But this fact is clear that AISBCE  union has no any all India policy, future plan for SBCO. They are only interested to keep their leadership . But they are playing game with SBCO's future. Now it is time to give proper reply by the SBCO members. to them. They must  be warned to stop their anti staff activities and to concentrate on their union activities to save SBCO staff and its future by solving SBCO's burning issues. They should stop to misguide the staff by spreading rumors.
Recognition of AIPSBCO association will not effect by any means. This CHQ will face each and every issue at any level to protect our staff and associations status as we have experience of 15/16 years to fight without recognition as staff faith and support is with us for our existance.  But they must think about their stability now.
Staff feelings are with us.Keep in contact with this CHQ for confirmation of any news about SBCO as this association is part of JCA with NFPE federation at All India level policy where AISBCE union has no any footage at DTE Govt. level for all India Level policy but this association is with all these with Recognition also with firm plans, policy and support of all unions, stronest NFPE federation.

by S.P.Kulkarni, President

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