Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Periodical meeting of Secretary, Department of Posts with NFPE and its affiliated unions held on 29.11.12. General Secretary, Com. S. Appanraj attended the meeting.  Minutes are expected on the SBCO subjects discussed.

Regarding the ledger postings  of  RD/MIS/SCSS in SBCO it was informed by departmental side that these problems will be addressed during the ensuing changes in operative procedures of SB and SBCO.

In respect of change of administrative powers like writing of CRS over SBCO staff.  We will stake our claim by producing the copy of orders videwhich change of powers of AO ICO SB entrusted to Divisional heads.

On 30.11.12 Member (Tech.) had a meeting on change of Management process under "India Post 2012" and Implementation of IT modernization project with service unions. Com. S. Appanraj, G/S attended the meeting on invitation.  During the meeting queries relates to Modernization were raised by our Secretary General, Com. M. Krishnan.

It has been clarified that, SBCO Section will be retained and the work of SBCO, be increased/modified in the development of Postal Banking Solution (CBS).  Sanchay Post/V2 Programme would have been replaced by new software.

Duplicate data entry will be eliminated and about 2000 employees of all wings are to be trained under change of Management.

As a first step, 122  HPOs have been found identified for  the above said implementation over the period of six months to one year.

With regards,
General Secretary

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