Thursday, January 31, 2013


Dear Comrades,
SBCO friends,

                “WISH YOU ALL HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 ! Happy Makar Sankranti !!!!!!!”

            After Recognition of this association I am very glad to invite your attention to the present situation and position of SBCO section and its burning issues.
            It is very serious thing instead of fighting for our survival our so called recognized AISBCEUnion leaders are struggling for withdrawing recognition of this association in courts matters with funds collected by our friends. It is to note here that by democratic ways this association has reached up to the recognized position by following Departmental Procedure. But diverting the burning issues of SBCO They are burning own house. It is clear fact AISBCE union though recognized it has no any platform at All India level and in All India policy. Since long no Meetings conducted at DTE level for any issue. Their leaders are fighting for their own Transfers and Postings . It is very sad thing that for their purpose they are trying to downgrade the HSG-I/HSG-II post for their LSG postings. It is clear thing that HSG-II & HSG-I post are upgraded by sacrificing our operative posts after TBOP/BCR’s. So many SBCO official are Under Suspensions, Recoveries in Fraud Cases and targeted in Disciplinary cases. Only this association is fighting for violation of SBCO functioning and threatening of SBCO staff at DTE level. Deptt conducted  periodical meeting  with this association only on 29.11.2012 in which it is assured by the Department to maintain status & identity of SBCO with higher responsibility in Core Banking avoiding Operative work. Along with NFPE federation we are achieving our target to maintain our identity.we need your full support for our survival.
            It is time for self realization and to think over for our survival. It is known to all that Department is forwarding for CBS(Core Banking). The Role of SBCO is not yet cleared. Staff is utilized as Operative Staff for Postal Operation. Separation of PO Bank proposal is Followed by the founder members of this association which is now in process. It is clear that we are forwarding with Firm & strong constructive Policy at all India Level with Support of Strongest NFPE Federation for our Policy. Only this Association And NFPE can save our future.
            Now it is time to join us for SBCO’s better future & survival. 2nd All India Conference of this Association is to be held at “SHRI AKHIL MAHESHWARI SEWA SADAN, RISHIKESH ROAD, HARIDWAR-249401 (Uttranchal)” on 2nd & 3rd Mrach 2013.
            We have to be strong for our issues. Be united for our issues and survival. We are bound to maintain our status and identity. I appeal to you all to attend 2nd All India Conference at Haridwar  to discuss on our burning issues and to take firm decision and chalk out program  for our survival and better future.
Hope that SBCO staff will take it serious for our survival and to support us and our policy by attending the AIC at Haridwar ( Uttaranchal) on 2nd & 3rd March 2013.
Comrades letus see at Haridwar and secure our better future with only constructive policy.

AIPSBCOEA Zindabad! Lang Live AIPSBCOEA!! NFPE ZINDABAD !!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                                        Comradely yours,

                                                                                                                        ( S.P.Kulkarni)
                                                                                           President, AIPSBCOEA,CHQ New Delhi-1

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