Monday, November 28, 2016

DELHI CHALO!                                           DELHI CHALO!
Dear Comrades,
As per directions & decisions taken in the National Secretariat Meeting of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers on 30.09.16 at New Delhi to organise a massive Parliament March on 15th Dec., 2016 due to totally negative & indifferent attitude of the NDA Govt. towards the genuine demands of the Central Govt. Employees is scheduled.  Non implementation of assurance given by the Cabinet Ministers to NJCA till this date is a matter of grave concern.
The AIPSBCOEA is one of the Constituents of the CCGEW & NFPE.  The NFPE has fixed the quota for 100 delegates from all over country to participate in the Parliament March for fulfillment of our genuine demands related 7th CPC (retrograde) i.e. 20 points Charter of Demands.
So all of you are requested to participate in Parliament March on 15th Dec. 2016 to make it grand success.

Comradely yours
General Secretary

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