Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Comrades,
As all of you are aware that the SBCO, CO/RO and SA cadres are deprived off to appear in the PS Gr. 'B' examination. The matter was taken up by the AIPSBCOEA in the JCM (DC) meeting held on 16.12.2014. The Chairman (The then Secretary (Posts) of JCM (DC) has expressed her view to examine the issue again after receipt of proposal from staff side. Accordingly the Association taken a serious note for it and discussed the matter in the Central Working Committee meeting held at Ujjain (M.P.).  As per decision of the house the same matter has been included at Sl. 16 of the Memorandum dt. 21.09.16 now converted into 25 points charter of demands of SBCO employees. The redressal of demands the AIPSBCOEA has endorsed a phasewise agitational programmes, those have been postponed for time being keeping in view the request of Member (T) simultaneously a meeting on the 25 points charter of demands was held on 01.03.2017 in chamber of Member (T) under his Chairmanship.
The matter was again discussed in the meeting in light of decision taken in JCM (DC) and the Chairman assured to take up the matter again with Personnel Division of Directorate and resultantly the following orders dt. 02.05.17 have been issued.
All of you are requested to kindly offer your comments/ suggestions positively within 15 days to enable the Association for the submission of appropriate proposal to the Department for further necessary action.
Comradely yours
Virendra Tewary
General Secretary

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