Saturday, August 4, 2012


AIPSBCOEA/Punjab/2012                                       Dated: 03-08-2012





The Chief Postmaster General,

Punjab Circle

CHANDIGARH – 160017.





             Sub:-Transfer under immunity           to                 the                   Circle                            Treasurer, AIPSBCOEA ( NFPE)  Reg.  


It is brought to this union that the request of our circle union for transferring Shri.  Rakesh kumar ( PA SBCO Faridkot) to circle union head quarters , Ferozepur was not considered ,despite the case had been discussed in Bi monthly meeting.

When the rules on the subject are  clear , the said transfer can very well be allowed to the circle office bearer of one recognized union. It is therefore requested to please cause grant of the above immunity transfer without further loss of time as the services of the circle treasurer of our union at head quarters are most warranted.

                    A line in reply is solicited.

     Thanking you,

                              Yours faithfully,



                           General Secretary

Copy: Com. Baldev Raj Sharma Circle Secretary for information


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