Monday, October 25, 2010

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[  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
Central Headquarters
    1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001
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No- Circular/1/AIC/ 2010                                                                                  Date -24th Oct.2010
The Central Office Bearers,
All Circle Secretaries,
Of All India Postal SBCO Employees Association,& SBCO Staff,

Dear Comrade,
It Is heartening to note that our Association has achieved long awaited Recognition in the Department in the present Membership Verification through Check Off System. Recognition Orders issued Vide Deptt.. Letter No- 13/01/2010-SR Dtd 22 nd Sept.2010.
Role of NFPE Leaders Secretary General COM.Shri. M.Krisnan,Com.K.R Raghavedra & General Secretary NFPE Grop"C" COM. Shri.K. V. Shridharan to consider to build strong Association for SBCO Cadre played important role & the SBCO Association under the Leadership of Strong NFPE Federation Achieved Recognition."RED SALUTE "for the all NFPE leaders for their coperation at all level. 
I am really proud to convey my comradely greetings with “RED SALUTE” to all of our members who supported our policy. The decision of Merger of both SBCO Associations( Indian Postal SBCO Staff Association & All India Postal SBCO Employees Assn) taken by the All India  Leaders to save  SBCO cadre and to join with all India policy in All India Activities, on 25th Feb 2010. So Called AISBCE Recognized union which is away from the all India Policy & non affiliated having no any role at All India level & Policies is not able to protect SBCO staff. Considering all the aspects it was demand of the Time to join with main stream at All India level & with Policy to save SBCO cadre. The feelings of the SBCO staff to maintain its identity & status & Facts at present along with all Staff & working Associations /Federation were  discussed at All India Level with all concerned Federations. Feelings of the SBCO staff honored by the NFPE Federation and an historic decision of Merger of Both SBCO association was taken at Delhi on 25th  Feb2010 and decided to face verification process for Recognition under the banner of NFPE affiliated “All India Postal SBCO Employees Association”. The decision to avoid distribute membership was taken to survive SBCO cadre. Result of the decision of Merger of both association and decision to join with NFPE the strongest federation is accepted by the SBCO staff. Association Secured Recognition with 20 % of Membership without any facility. This is proved that SBCO staff accepted to join main stream & to remain with All India policy.
This is the beginning Comrades, Now we have to unite to support this association to be the one & only One Association under this banner. The First All India Conference of this Association is to be held at Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradesh Circle) on 10/11 the December 2010. I appeal to attend this Conference with maximum Delegates from your circle. We have to strengthen this association up to Divisional Level/ Regional Level/Circle Level & at all India level. Keep contact with NFPE, divisional/Regional/ Circle level. The main items about Status of SBCO, Restructuring of Cadres, MACP issues, pending Court cases, involvement of SBCO in different cases, denial of every benefit to SBCO staff all such issues which are handled by this association leaders since 12/13 years will be highlighted. The role of SBCO at par with Audit & Accounts is supported by the NFPR Federation leaders. It needs deep discussion & grass root support. So I appeal to you all to attend First All India Conference with maximum Number of Delegates. Notice of the meeting will be issued in Due course. Book your reservations now. Keep in Contact with undersigned.         
    Comradely Yours,
    ( S.P.Kulkarni)
All India Working President, 09767687485

  Phone:  011-23092771 [HQrs]
                                                       033-26727027 [Res]
                                                                                                                                                          033-22376108 [Union]
9433443221 [ Mobil ]
[  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
Central Headquarters
1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001

Email ID :

No. SBCO/ Membership Verification/10                                                  Dated 19th Sep’2010.

The Central Office Bearers,
All Circle Secretaries
Of AIP SBCO Employees Association.

Dear Comrade,

                It is heartening to note that our organization has achieved long wanted recognition of the Department in last verification of the memberships under check off system. I am really proud to convey my comradely greetings and “ Red Salute” to all of our members. We take pride in that at present we are officially affiliated under NFPE and the Department would have to extend all trade union facilities to our union to enable our union to join on table bargaining. We will remember the great  contributions of our beloved federation, ( i.e NFPE ) and all other organization under NFPE, the Group – C union in particular for sincere Co operation in the process of check off system.

                 We are obligated to build up united struggle to save our postal services. In the interests of all cross section of postal employees and the common people as a whole. We are committed to promote vigorous struggle against the anti people activities and policies of the 2nd UPA Govt. So come out comrade, to share our new beginning with new hope and energy to strengthen our organization so that we may achieve our goal.

                                                                                                    Comradely yours,

                                                                                                         ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                   General Secretary,

                                                                                                                                                             Phone:  011-23092771 [HQrs]
                                                       033-26727027 [Res]
                                                                                                                                                          033-22376108 [Union]
9433443221 [ Mobil ]
[  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
Central Headquarters
1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001

No. PC – 1 / AIC                                                                                        Date :  18.10.2010

Notice under article 25 of the constitution of All India Postal SBCO Employees Association read with article 20 ( a ) and 22 ibid is hereby given that 1st All India Conference of this Association will be held at Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradesh ) on 11.12.2010.

The following shall be items of agenda for the 1st All India Conference : -

1.         Consideration and adoption of report.
2.         Discussion on financial affaires.
3.         Organizational Review.
( I ) Discussion on proposed Strike from 13th July’10 ( finally deferred ) and its outcome.
( ii ) Organizational Position in all level.
( iii ) Finalization of Subscription.
( iv ) Membership verification.         
4.         Attacks on Postal Services
( I ) Privatization and outsourcing of postal work.
( ii ) Attack on SBCO workers.
5.         Implementation of MACP.
6.         Policy and Programme.
7.         Election of Office Bearers.
8.         Election of Federal Councilor.
9.         Appointment of Auditor.
10.      Venue of next AIC.
11.      any other item with the permission of the chair. 
                                                                                                         ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                   General Secretary,
Copy forwarded to : -
1.    Com. S. Appanraj, All India President. All India Postal SBCO Employees Association, Madurai,
2.    Com. S.P.Kulakarni, All India Working President, AIPSBCOEA, Maharashtra.
3.    The Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi.
4.    All CHQ Office bearers & Circle Secretaries of AIPSBCOEA.
5.    All General Secretary, under the banner of NFPE.
6.    The Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group – C, Andhra Pradesh Circle.
7.    The Director General, Department of Post New Delhi 110001.
8.    Spare. 
                                                                                                        ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                   General Secretary,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Circular No. 3                                                                                                                        Dated – 16.10.2010


All General Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers.
Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of
All affiliated union.

Dear Comrades,

The Federal Secretariat of NFPE met at New Delhi on 14.10.2010. Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, Deputy Secretary General & GS P-4 presided. Com. M. Krishnan (SG) Com. R. N. Parashar (Asst. Secretary General) Com. K. V. Sridharan (General Secretary P-3) Com. Giriraj Singh (General Secretary R-3) Com. P. Suresh (General Secretary R-4), Com. V. P. Chauhan (AIPAEA Vice President) were present. Com. S. S. Mahadevaiaha, (General Secretary, AIPEDEU,) also attended the meeting.

The following agenda items were discussed and decision taken.

1.      Review of the 7th September 2010 strike:
Federal Secretariat came to the conclusion that in the coming days, serious effort shall be made to further improve the participation of Postal & RMS employees in the common struggle of the working class against anti-people, anti-labour policies of the Central Government. An indepth review of the 7th September strike will be made in the next Federal Executive meeting.

2.      Verification of Membership and Recognition of Unions:
The Federal Secretariat expressed satisfaction over the result of the membership verification. All NFPE affiliates have got recognition with an impressive percentage of membership. The Secretariat congratulated all the employees for endorsing their faith in NFPE. The fact that the All India Postal SBCO Employees Association and All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association which have been formed under the guidance and leadership of NFPE, have also got recognition this time and made our victory more proud. The meeting viewed with grave concern over the delay in grant of recognition to Administrative Employees Union and the GDS Union. The Federal Secretariat urged the authorities to declare the result without and further delay.

3.      1st All India Conference of AIPSBCOEA & AIPCWEA:
The Federal Secretariat decided to extend all help for conducting the 1st All India Conference of the newly recognized AIPSBCOEA and AIPCWEA at Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). The AIC of SBCO Employees Association will be held on 11.12.2010 (KG Bose Day) and the AIC of Civil Wing Employees Association will be held on 12.12.2010. Delegate Fee will be decided later. Detailed circular will be issued later.

4.      Federal Executive Meeting of NFPE:
The Federal Secretariat decided to convene the Federal Executive Meeting of NFPE at Hyderabad on 10.12.2010.

5.      2010 July 13th deferred strike
The Federal Secretariat reviewed the progress in settlement of the demands. While appreciating the prompt action taken by the Department in settling certain major items such as filling up of posts, constitution of cadre restructuring committee, convening of the JCM Departmental Council etc, the meeting expressed concern over the delay in implementing the assurances given in some of the items. The meeting decided to vigorously pursue the cases with the Directorate for result-oriented action.

6.      JCM Departmental Council
The Federal Secretariat decided that the JCM staffside shall request the Secretary, Department of Posts to convene the next meeting of the JCM Departmental council at an early date, not later than December 2010 to discuss the remaining items of the Agenda of the last meeting and also new items to be given by the staff side.

7.      Cadre Restructuring
Federal Secretariat decided to explore the possibility of submitting a joint proposal by the staff side to the cadre restructuring committee. A joint meeting of the General Secretaries and Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO will be held on 25.10.2010 to discuss the issues relating to cadre restructuring and to arrive at a consensus.

8.      Committee on Postman Related issues
The Federal Secretariat is of the considered opinion that in addition to the General Secretaries of P4 unions (NFPE & FNPO) the Secretary Generals of both the Federations shall also to be included as staff side representatives of the committee on postman related issues. The General Secretaries of P4 NFPE & FNPO may write to the Department in this regard.

9.      GDS Issues:
It is decided that NFPE and GDS union shall move together for settling the remaining issues of GDS.

10.  Presentation on Technological Developments in the Department of Posts.
All available General Secretaries/Secretary General and the Circle Secretaries P-3 unions will be attending the presentation on Technological Developments in Department of Posts at Postal Staff College, Ghaziabad on 23.10.2010 in the presence of Secretary, Department of Posts. Our view points will be communicated to the Department after knowing the full details. Directorate has now postponed the meeting. Next date will be intimated later.

11.  Revision of wages of Casual Labourers and Part-time contingent staff:
The Federal Secretariat viewed with grave concern about the abnormal delay in revising the wages of the casual labourers and part-time contingent employees of the Postal department. Whatever may be the reason, there is no justification for this much delay. The Staff Selection commission, which is under the Department of Personnel & Training has issued orders for payment of pro-rate wages to the casual labourers (other than temporary status casual labourers) as per the minimum of the Group D scale of 6th CPC orders with effect from 1.1.2006. The Federal Secretariat is decided to discuss the issue with Secretary, Department of posts. If the issue still remains unsettled it is decided to organize agitational programmes.

12.  Functioning of Regional JCM:
Cases of Tamilnadu and Delhi Circles were discussed.
(a)   Tamilnadu Circle: It is decided that the General Secretary, P-4 Union, may give a written directive to the Tamilnadu P-4 circle union to cooperate with other Circle unions on the issue of election of Leader and Secretary staff side RJCM and also to form the NFPE Circle coordinating committee in Tamilnadu Circle.
(b)   Delhi Circle: It is decided to convene a joint meeting of all the Circle Secretaries (NFPE) of Delhi circle and also General Secretaries (NFPE) on 26.10.2010 at NFPE office for arriving at an agreed formula for electing the Leader and Secretary Staff side.
13.  All India Study Camp:
It is decided that the All India Study Camp of NFPE will be held in the month of February 2011 in Kerala at Thekkady (near Munnar High Range, Idukki Division) which is also one of the famous tourist destination. The camp will be held on 13.02.2011 & 14.02.2011. The Camp is mainly intended to impart training to the leaders for better and efficient functioning at organizational level. All Circle Secretaries of the unions affiliated to NFPE and General Secretaries/Presidents (CHQ) and All India office bearers shall attend the All India Study camp without fail. General Secretary, AIPEDEU, has been requested to join the camp with Circle Secretaries of GDS Union.

14.  Foreign Delegation to Royal Mail, Landon
The delegation will be leaving India on 17.10.2010 and returning on 24.10.2010. Com. M. Krishnan (Secretary General) Com. K. V. Sridharan (General Secretary P3) Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas (General Secretary P4) Com. Giriraj Singh (General Secretary R3) and Com. P. Suresh (General Secretary R4) are the staff side members of NFPE in the ten member delegation. The delegation is visiting London to attend the training programme of Royal Mails, the National Postal Service of United Kingdom.

15.  Remittance of Quota and other dues to NFPE
All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to remit the Quota and other dues of NFPE to the following address.

Monday, October 4, 2010

60 Days Bonus -Orders Issued.


The Orders for payment of PLB for Postal Employees have been issued today. It will be 60 Days once again. The maximum ceiling will be @ 3500 for Regular Employees; 2500 for GDS; and 1200 for Casual including Temporary Status Casual Labourers.

The Order Number of the Department is: File No.26-04/2010-PAP Dated 1.10.2020.