Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attention Please-

 Dear Comrades,
All Circle Secreataries /Circle Representatives ,
Write to the CPMG's of your circle for the Special Casual leave to the delegates who are willing to attend All India Conference at Hyderabad. The copy of letter for rerence is put up here.
- S.P.Kulkarni

Ref No- ORG /SBCO/10                                                                                      Date :- 22nd  Nov.2010

The Chief Postmaster General,
Maharastra Circle,
GPO. Mumbai-400001

Sub :- Grant of Special Casual Leave to attend 1St All India Conference of this Assn at Hyderabad.

Ref No-Notice issued by the Gen Secretary Ref No- PC-1/AIC Dated 7-11-2010.

Respected Sir ,

With reference to the notice issued by the General Secretary 1St All India Conference of this newly Recognized SBCO Association is to be held At “ SUNDARAYYA VIGNANA KENDRAM , BEGHALINGAMPALLI, HYDERABAD -500044 ( Andhra Pradesh) on 10.12.2010 to 11.12.2010.

            You are requested to Grant Special Casual leave to the SBCO delegates who are willing to attend this Conference to enable them to attend the Conference including proper Transit.

            Necessary instruction to all concerned PMG’s/SSPO’s/SPO’s to relieve the willing delegates may be issued.

            This Association is Newly Recognized vide DTE Letter No- 13/01/2010- SR Dtd 22th Sept.2010 in SBCO Cadre.

            Wishing your favour action with a single line reply to the undersigned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                                        ( S.P.Kulkarni)
                                                                              Circle Secretary, & working President of CHQ

Encl- copy of Notice issued by the General Secretary.

Copy to
The Postmaster General
Aurangabad  /Goa /Mumbai /Pune /Nagpur Region
For Information & n/a Please.
                                                                                                        ( S.P.Kulkarni)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Orders on MACP by CAT Principal Bench New Delhi-

CAT Principal bench New Delhi decided in its OA No. 1401/2010 on 09.09.2010 that if the employees who on fixation of ACP scales, are in receipt of lesser salary than their juniors in the same cadre/post, then their salary be stepped up accordingly. We are demanding that it should be applied in the case of promotees in our department also.
- S.P.Kulkarni

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working President's visit to Hyderabad _

Working President visited Hyderabad on 18th Nov.2010. He visited to all H.O's in Hyderabad along with Shri.Kishan Singh Circle Secretary AIPSBCOEA (A.P.)
Meeeting with CPMG Ms Karuna Pillai:- Discussed SBCO issues.Invitation given to the CPMG for Open Session to be held on 11th Dec.2010 at Hyderabad at 17.00 PM.She assured every type of Cooperation.She welcomed the Views &policy of the SBCO association and assured her attendence on the open session.
-- S.P.Kulkarni.

Friday, November 12, 2010

                                                                                                                                                         Phone:  011-23092771 [HQrs]
                                                       033-26727027 [Res]
                                                                                                                                                          033-22376108 [Union]
9433443221 [ Mobil ]
[  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
Central Headquarters
1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001

No. PC – 1 / AIC                                                                                              Date :  7.11.2010

Notice under article 25 of the constitution of All India Postal SBCO Employees Association read with article 20 ( a ) and 22 ibid is hereby given that 1st All India Conference of this Association will be held at "SUNDARAYYA VIGNANA KENDRAM BAGHALINGAMPALLI, HYDERABAD-500 044" ( Andhra Pradesh ) on and from 10 .12.10 to  11.12.2010.

The following shall be items of agenda for the 1st All India Conference : -

1.         Consideration and adoption of report.
2.         Discussion on financial affaires.
3.         Consideration and amendments,( if any ) of Constitution of AIPSBCOEA.
4.         Organizational Review.
( I ) Discussion on proposed Strike from 13th July’10 ( finally deferred ) and its outcome.
( ii ) Organizational Position in all level.
( iii ) Finalization of Subscription.
( iv ) Membership verification.             
5.         Attacks on Postal Services
( I ) Privatization and outsourcing of postal work.
( ii ) Attack on SBCO workers.
6.         Implementation of MACP.
7.         Policy and Programme.
8.         Election of Office Bearers.
9.         Election of Federal Councilor.
10.       Appointment of Auditor.
11.       Venue of next AIC.
12.       any other item with the permission of the chair. 
                                                                                                         ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                   General Secretary,
Copy forwarded to : -
1.    Com. S. Appanraj, All India President. All India Postal SBCO Employees Association, Madurai,
2.    Com. S.P.Kulakarni, All India Working President, AIPSBCOEA, Maharashtra.
3.    The Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi.
4.    All CHQ Office bearers & Circle Secretaries of AIPSBCOEA.
5.    All General Secretary, under the banner of NFPE.
6.    The Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group – C, Andhra Pradesh Circle.
7.    The Director General, Department of Post New Delhi 110001.
8.    Spare. 
                                                                                                        ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                   General Secretary,

                                                                                                                                                         Phone:  011-23092771 [HQrs]
                                                       033-26727027 [Res]
                                                                                                                                                          033-22376108 [Union]
9433443221 [ Mobil ]
[  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
Central Headquarters
1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001

No. PC – 1 / AIC                                                                                            Date :  10.11.2010

The Director General
Department of Post
Govt. of India
Dak  Bhawan,
New Delhi – 100 001

                                       Sub : Holding of 1st  All India Conference.


              This union has the proud privilege to intimate you that at the last membership verification process, we have achieved Govt. recognition. At the same time, we have achieved the affiliation of our beloved Federation ( ie. NFPE ). Now, on completion of necessary formalities,  1st All India  Conference of this Union is going to be held on and from 10.12.2010 to 11.12.2010 at "SUNDARAYYA VIGNANA KENDRAM BAGHALINGAMPALLI, HYDERABAD-500 044" ( Andhra Pradesh ) . A copy of the notice of the said Conference is enclosed for ready reference.

               You are requested to cause suitable action so that special causal leave may be granted with  transit period   to the delegates to enable them to attend the conference timely.

                                                                                             Yours faithfully,

Encl : 1 ( one )                                                                                       S/d
                                                                                                 ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                                 General Secretary,
                                                                     All India Postal SBCO Employees Association

Copy to : All Pr. / Chief Postmaster General , for favour of information and causing suitable
                action in this respect.


                                                                                                 ( Asit Das )
                                                                                                                 General Secretary,
                                                                     All India Postal SBCO Employees Association

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


BAGHALINGAMPALLI , Hyderabad - 500044 ( Andhra Pradesh)

Delegation Fee Rs. 300 /-

Note:- Delegates who wish to attend will be granted Special Casual Leave including Transit. Contact- S.P.Kulkarni - 09767687485 , 09822056791 , 0231- 2626791 for details or for any problem.

Working President AIPESBCOEA.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Under the New Pension Scheme (NPS), investors save money which is put into the capital market. The sum which you will get after retirement will be dependent on the performance of the capital market. You can make monthly or weekly contributions to the NPS. But for every contribution, your transaction cost will increase. 

Prior to NPS, there was the Defined Benefit Plan -one would get certain pension fixed for life. The post retirement proceeds were fixed and if there is a shortfall in this corpus, the government would make good. 

NPS is a Defined Contribution Plan where the returns will not be fixed. You will only get what you have contributed and returns that the fund manager generates on it. All new entrants to the central government services (other than armed forces) after January 1, 2004, will compulsorily join this scheme. All citizens, including NRIs, aged 18 to 60 can voluntary join the scheme. The exit age is 60 years. 

A minimum contribution of Rs 6,000 is compulsory per year. The minimum amount per contribution is Rs 500 and a minimum of four contributions in a year for each subscriber account is required. 

Under the NPS, each subscriber is allotted a unique 16-digit Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN). This number is portable. The records of transactions are maintained by the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRKA). The subscriber has the option to invest with seven pension fund managers (PFMs). He also has the option to choose any one or more PFMs to manage his contribution. These PFMs will have three kind of funds categorised as 'E' for equity funds, 'G' for funds investing in government securities and 'C' for fixed income securities other than government securities. 

There are two types of accounts: 

Tier I account where you cannot withdraw 

The Tier I account is the basic NPS account that is non-withdrawable till retirement or death of the subscriber. In this account, the total corpus at retirement age is split, where a minimum of 40 percent of the final corpus has to be compulsorily used to buy an annuity while the subscriber is free to withdraw the remaining 60 percent as a lump sum or in installments. 

Tier II account where you can withdraw 

The Tier II account is available to only to those who are existing subscribers of the Tier I account. The money contributed into this account can be freely withdrawn as and when the subscriber wishes to except for a minimum balance that needs to be maintained at the end of each financial year. 


The NPS levies an investment charge of .00009 percent of the assets under management. Initial charges of account opening are around Rs 470. From the second year onward the charges are Rs 350 per annum. Also, a charge of Rs 10 is applicable for each transaction. One can make monthly or weekly contributions. But for every contribution, your transaction cost will increase. 

Fund managers 

These are managed by fund managers. Currently, seven fund houses appointed by the government are available under the NPS. 

These are: 

LIC Pension Fund Limited SBI Pension Funds Pvt Limited UTI Retirement Solutions Limited IDFC Pension Fund Management Company Limited ICICI Prudential Pension Funds Management Company Limited Kotak Mahindra Pension Fund Limited Reliance Capital Pension Fund Limited 


There are three schemes available under the NPS
Fund C 

In case you invest in this fund, all the money will be invested in fixed income instruments such as corporate bonds and government securities. One should consider investing in this fund if the risk appetite is medium as corporate bonds are not that risky. 
Fund E 

In case one invests in this fund, a portion of not more than 50 percent of the invested money will be put in equity. You should choose this retirement plan only if your risk appetite is high, as up to 50 percent of your money will be linked to the performance of equity. 

Fund G 

In this case, all your money will be invested in government securities. Hence, this is suited for risk-averse investors. One can choose to invest in any of these funds. You may also invest in a mix of these funds. If you do not choose between these funds, your contributions will be invested in a fund with 15 percent in equity, 45 percent in corporate bonds and 40 percent in government bonds. With increase in age, after 35 years, the government bond exposure will increase with a maximum limit of 80 percent and 10 percent each in equity and corporate bonds. 

Fixed income pension plan 

The government has proposed to extend the 'fixed income pension plan' to workers in the unorganised sector. The monthly contributions one makes will be invested as per NPS guidelines. The State funds for the savings scheme will be added to this. If any gap exists between the sum guaranteed and sum generated from the two steps, the central government will provide the required funds. 
The new plan will be started off initially in Haryana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This amendment is meant only for workers in the unorganised sector. Central and State government employees will continue to get pension through NPS

Tax benefit 

Presently, NPS does not offer any tax exemptions unlike other retirement plans. It falls under the category of exempt-exempt-tax (EET) system which means that maturity benefits you receive after retirement will be taxable. However, with the Direct Tax Code coming in NPS will be tax exempted on withdrawal too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010