Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recognition issue tossed up by the AISBCE UNION - Regarding - Dont believe on rumors


Dear Comrades,

     Rumors are spread by the Rival SBCO Union regarding withdrawal of  Recognition of this association by the Department due to Kolkatta High Court Case filed by the AISBCE Union West Bengal Branch with some revised Membership figures collected by the union General Secretary.
    In this issue this so called AISBCE union has only one issue on Agenda against our association about Recognition. This so called Recognized union has no any constructive program/ Policy at CHQ level.Degradation of SBCO is only due to ignorance of leadership and keeping us away from All India policy at CHQ level.Now recognition granted to our association on its own efforts and without any assistance or facility from the Department. But AISBCE union feared about its existence in future as our association is being supported by maximum staff in all Circles due to its constructive policies & fighting nature in the interest of staff . It is now supported by NFPE the strongest federation in the Department.
    Facts in these rumors about de-recognition of this association is only to divert the minds of SBCO staff. In this case Department has issued Show cause notice to our association to clear the position of membership & our say on its issue.
    Our CHQ is keeping watch on the issue and prepared for  all legal actions at proper level if necessary. Be sure that no harm/ damage for our position. Dont believe on rumors spread by the rival SBCO union. Keep contact with this CHQ. clear this matter to the members. Get membership of new members and submit them before 30 April 2011 & strengthen our position at all level. 
    This CHQ is ready to face any situation against the attacks of this union. But it is to highlighted to the members that AISBCE union is not interested in staff interest but they are interested in withdrawing the recognition of our association only.It is anti democratic and against the interest of common SBCO staff.Be sure that we will maintain our position by all means.Prepare ourselves to face the anti sbco elements and unite for our survival & remain with Contact with CHQ & undersigned.
- S.P.Kulkarni, President

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Circle Conference of Uttar Pradesh Circle:-

First Circle Conference of this association held  on 17th April 2011 at Rajaji Puram, Lucknow as per Notice issued by Com. Virendra Tiwari, Convener U.P.Circle.

Shri. Virendra Tiwari Barabanki H.O. elected as President U.P.Circle. Com. Anil Chaudhary  Sultanpur elected as Working President. Com. Jagdish  Bajpayee , Unnao H.O.elected as Circle Secretary & Com. Ramakant Uttam elected as Treasurer unanimously.

CHQ congratulate the newly elected CWC Uttar Pradesh circle.

---- S.P.Kulkarni, President AIPSBCOEA CHQ

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Appeal from CHQ :-

All Circle Secretaries,
CHQ/CEC members & SBCO staff,

Dear Comrades,
Only Recognition of this association is not sufficient. this is the beginning of our survival.Department has no any Proposal, no Policy about SBCO in comming days.So called AISBCE union working for SBCO has no approach at CHQ /DTE level as it is non federal. Its views or proposals are not reached up to proper level to save SBCO. But This association is federated with NFPE a strongest federation at this moment in the Department. NFPE  federation is supporting our each and every issue and trying for our identity & status of SBCO as internal audit in PO Saving Bank. Even DAP associations are supporting our proposals. The importance of Audit & accounts cannot be avoided by the Department.The role of SBCO will be important  though it will decided latter by the Department. But it is our morality to prove our importance in the present developments. Only this association has constructive views and proposal like Separation of Saving Bank since long. Till this date the this association founders are fighting to save SBCO. Now time has come to think on this issue by you all.Till this day So called Recognized AISBCE union has only one subject against this association as it is not Recognized.But they must self realized how this association is struggling for SBCO and getting support of staff since long. Now this issue is closed and this association is also Recognized. Now such SBCO staff which was waiting for Recognition and giving support from outside can join without any fear or pressure with this association activities without any hesitation.This CHQ appeals you get .collect membership from SBCO staff and submit it to for enrollment.Now it is our responsibility to prove ourselves about the belief of our SBCO staff. 
So strengthen the association at your Division, Region, Circle level. It will improve our financial position. CHQ needs financial assistance to visit remaining circles and to activate Association activities.So this CHQ appeals to you all to get maximum membership as wel as Donations for CHQ to run CHQ activities.Your support , involvement in association activities will take this association at number one position as it is aim of this association founders.I appeal you to all to support this CHQ. Keep contact with CHQ. Dont believe any rumors from rival union. Only one item program to discourage this association members is task of rival SBCO union. It is our responsibility to overcome this situation by enrolling membership in your circle which will support us. Best of luck to you all and for our mission which will be succeed only after your participation with all means with this CHQ.
-- S.P.Kulkarni, President CHQ AIPSBCOEA

Bihar Circle Conference :-

First Circle Conference of Bihar Circle Branch was held  under the convener ship of  Shri. Nirmal Kumar  Bajpayee on 3rd April 2011 in the premises of Patna GPO Bihar.
Shri. Nirmal Kumar  Bajpayee PASBCO Hajipur, Shri. Bal Krishna Singh PASBCO Siwan H.O. & Shri. Ram Balak Singh PASBCO Muzaffarpur H.O. are elected as President, Circle Secretary , & Treasurer unanimously.CHQ congratulate them.
- S.P.Kulkarni , president

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gujrat Circle conference :-

First Circle Conference of Gujrat Circle held on 9th -10 April 2011 at Mansarovar Hotel, Maninagar Ahmadabad. CHQ President S.P.Kulkarni attended. Shri. Kamdar President, & Shri. B.K. Valand elected unanimously.Attendance of Youngsters with constructive views about SBCO has given new direction to this CHQ about identity, status & future of SBCO.
By S.P.kulkarni