Monday, July 30, 2012




  • As many as 30 Comrades from circles Andhra, Bihar, Haryana, Kerala, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Uttarpradesh
  •  and West Bengal took part in rally behind our prestigious banner " ALL INDIA POSTAL SBCO EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION ( NFPE ) ".
  • The progressive chapter of SBCO trade union opened its page

Friday, July 20, 2012


AIPSBCOEA/CHQ/2012             Dated: 19-07-2012

The Secretary,
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi- 11 0001


                       Sub: - Engagement of SBCO staff for settlement of
                                object ions -reg                                                            

It is brought to this union that the staff of SBCO wing are utilized by and large for settlement of objections raised by them. As an example, a copy of e-mail letter of the SSPOs Tirunelveli Division ( Tamilnadu) is forwarded. Through the said letter, one PA SBCO Tirunelveli HPO has been directed to visit Tirunelveli Town S.O and settle 400 SBCO OMs within two days.

In the para 13 of SBCO control procedure, it is categorically said that it is the personal responsibility of the Postmaser and the Ledger Clerk to ensure that objections raised by Control Organization are got settled by supplying the wanting information and particulars.DPM/APM in charge of SB branch is required to see that replies to the objection and wanting particulars are furnished within a fortnight at the earliest. Manner of settlement of objections is also stated with specific guidelines under para13.

By violating all these settled procedures, directing the SBCO official is nothing but  to  threat  SBCO staff not to raise objections further. Like this, the staff  have been engaged errantly for many other purposes and as a result the very purpose of control organization is defeated.

It is therefore, requested to look into the matter and cause appropriate instructions to all concerned to stop such practices of using SBCO staff  in operative side.
                                       A line in reply is solicited.

                                       With regards
Yours faithfully
                           DA-                                           ( Appanraj.S)
                   General Secretary

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



CIRCULAR  NO.  CONF/ 09 /2012 DATED: 17TH JULY, 2012,
 Dear Comrades,
                The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January, 2012.  All the items could not be discussed on that day.  The meeting was postponed and the same was held today on 17th July, 2012.  The gist of discussions and decisions are given hereunder. 
Item No.1. Pay band of the merged pay scales: The demand to reconstruct the pay band in respect of merged pay scales (S8 to S10) by multiplying the minimum of the highest pay scales (6500-10,500) with 1.86 by virtue of which the pay band will commence with Rs. 12100 instead of 9300 is not agreed and as per the scheme disagreement has been recorded.
Item No.2. Extending the date for exercise of option:  Extending the date for exercise of option to come to the new pay scale as also to the next increment date on promotion was discussed at length.  While the official side will agree to reopen the promotional cases where such change of option becomes necessary on account of an unforeseen event, the question of extending the date in general will have to be examined.  In the case of necessity to change the option once exercised in view of the recent order on increment was raised by the Staff Side. The Official side agreed to issue a clarificatory order. 
Item No. 3. Special allowance and qualification pay: Order has been issued in respect of Auditors. In respect of SAS passed hands necessary orders will be issued shortly.
Item No.4. Fixation of pay in respect of Direct recruitees and promotees:  The official side agreed to consider grant of entry pay in all such cases, wherever the RR provides for direct recruitment. 
Item No.5. Date of next increment:  Orders have already been issued. Item is treated as settled.
Item No. 6. Grant of minimum pay of Rs. 5200 +1800 to temporary status employees:  Orders issued.
Item No. 7. Grant of revised allowance with effect from 1.1.2006:  The item has been withdrawn after discussion.
Item No. 8. Transport allowance:  The revision of transport allowance was not agreed upon.  However, taking a percentage of the TA for the purpose of OTA and grant of a portion of the TA in respect of persons on tour for more than one month at a stretch will be considered.
Item No. 9.  Doubling the Existing risk and patient care allowance:  The matter has been submitted to the Cabinet for its approval and orders are likely to be issued shortly. The Staff side raised the issue of doubling the daily allowance on tour. The Official side agreed to examine this matter also.
Item No. 10. Parity in Pension to pre 2006 retirees:  The matter is sub-judice. Therefore it could not be discussed.
Item No.11. Commutation of pension: The difference in the application of commutation table between the pre-2006 and post 2006 retirees was discussed.  It has been agreed that the difference would be quantified with reference to certain cases as an example.  If it has no implication on the post 2008 retirees, the Govt. may consider the acceptance of the demands of the Staff in the matter.
Restoration of commuted value of pension after 12 years instead of 15years would be considered in the light of the Supreme Court judgement of 1996, a copy of which would be made available to the Staff Side.
Item No.12. Grant of Rs.  5400/- to the Assistant Accounts and Audit Officers: To be discussed with the JS(per)/JS(E) separately. The date of the meeting will be fixed soon.
Item No.13. Revision base index for DA: The Staff Side will be provided with the computation made by the 6th CPC in the matter and on the basis of the same the issue will be discussed further.
Item No.14. Child Care leave: Orders issued. Item treated as settled.
Item No.15. Income criterion for dependency of parents:  The item is dropped after discussion.
Item No. 16. Revision of Grade Pay fixation: After discussion, the item has been dropped.
Item No. 17. Reconstruction of Pay bands: dropped.
Item No. 18. Fixation of pay on promotion to the post carrying same grade pay and PB:  Agreed to grant one increment.
Item No. 19. All MACP items: will be discussed further in the subcommittee on 27th July, 2012.
Item No.20. Anomaly in the grade pay of Library information Assistants: The official side will consider the  issue in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and take appropriate decision before the next meeting.
Item No.21. Anomaly in pension of those in receipt of stagnation increments in the pre revised scales of pay: The inclusion of stagnation increment for the purpose of fixation of pay in respect of the persons retired between 2006 and 2008, if not done, will be examined and suitable orders issued.
Item No.22. Anomaly in the pay scales of Stenographers of field offices with reference to Central Secretariat:  It was pointed out that Senior PS in the field offices were on identical pay scale of PPS  of the Central Secretariat and therefore, they must be granted grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB3.   They have agreed to grant Grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB.2 applicable to the field offices.  In respect of parity with Central Sectt, the proposal of Railway Board will be expeditiously examined by the Finance Ministry and suitable orders issued.
Item No.23.Date of Annual increment in EOL cases: Orders were issued earlier and the matter is treated as settled. The Staff Side raised the issue of denial of encashment of earned leave and half pay leave for industrial employees.  The official side agreed to issue clarificatory orders in the matter.
Item No. 24. Parity of PB and Grade pay for Official language personnel with the Central Sectt:  The official side said that orders have already been issued.  Wherever, the same is not implemented or different decision taken, the same may be brought to the notice of the Department of Expenditure for appropriate decision.  The proposal sent by the Railway Board will be considered separately.         
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

Thursday, July 12, 2012




Merger of DA 50% with Basic pay is denied.

Sixth Pay commission anomalies are not sorted out.

MACP anomalies stand not resolved.

Pay Bond system is not advantageous to Employees.

Sixth pay commission silent over constitution of further pay commission.

Like public sector employees wage revision   - once in Five years   -   Our Demand.

Sky high price rice has snatched the benefits of sixth pay commission.

No compassionate appointments in Central Govt service as allowed in Railways.

PFRDA BILL may hit all   Government employees indiscriminately.

        CONFEDRATION is taking efforts to forge total unity of all central government  employees including Railways and  Defence to win over the demands.

       To realize our demands, We, SBCO employees involve ourselves in all programmes.
       Participate  en masse in March to Parliament – 26th July 2012        

                              With   Struggle Greetings

S.P.KULKARNI                                                      APPANRAJ.S
President                                                           General Secretary

Monday, July 9, 2012

revenues from financial services grew by 20.8 per cent

                Mirroring signs of revival, the Department of Posts (DoP) has registered the highest decline in deficit in more than 10 years at Rs 550.73 crore in 2011-12 on the back of increase in revenues, mainly from financial services.
            Total revenues of the department in 2011-12 rose by 13.62 per cent to Rs 7,910.51 crore while expenditure stood at Rs 13,705.4 crore, leaving a deficit of Rs 5,794.89 crore.
            In the previous fiscal, DoP had revenues of Rs  6,962.33 crore and expenditure of Rs 13,307.95 crore, reflecting a gap of Rs 6,345.62 crore.
            DoP's deficit had jumped over 80 per cent to 6,641.30 crore in 2009-10 from 3,593.09 crore in 2008-09 due to implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations.
            “In the last one year we have developed an integrated strategy to make India Post, commercially and socially relevant. The financial performance of the last year indicates that we have succeeded to an extent. But a lot more need to be done,” Minister for Communications and IT Kapil Sibal told the news agency.
According to the Financial Performance report prepared by Department of Posts for 2011-2012, revenues from financial services grew by 20.8 per cent at Rs 4,304.07 crore in 2011-12 compared to Rs 3,562.77 crore in FY'11.
            Revenue from postal operations grew by 6.08 per cent to Rs 3,606.44 crore in 2011-12 from Rs 3,399.56 crore it registered in FY'11.
            Sibal said that he is expecting revenue of DoP to grow by 20 per cent in the current financial year.
            “This financial year we are targeting revenue increase of plus 20 per cent. I am happy that India Post is moving in the right direction. Now we need to increase our speed,” he said.
            DoP has appointed Boston Consulting Group to prepare an appropriate business structure for the emerging and premium services of India Post.
            The postal department has floated expression of interest to appoint a consultant for preparing detailed project report (DPR) of its ambitious Post Bank projects and this report is expected to be finalised by end of this calendar year.
            “The Post Bank project will rejuvenate financial services offered through post offices,” Sibal said.DoP has already announced to set-up 1000 ATMs across country as part of its financial services.
            Sibal has also asked DoP introduce premium logistics services in select 80 to 90 cities within six months to tap the expanding e-commerce market in the country and enhance its revenue by 15 per cent.
Press Trust of India / New Delhi Jul 05, 2012, 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


No. AIPSBCOEA/CHQ/RAJ/2012                      dated 02.07.2012

                   The Postmaster General
                   Southern Region
                   Rajasthan Circle
                   AJMER 305001

                   Sir/ Madam,

                             Sub: Undue delay in relief under Rotational transfers 2012 – Case of  
                                    Shri. L.K.Chauahan, PA SBCO Jhalawhar H.O 326001- regarding.

                             It is reported that the Postmaster Jhalawhar H.O is causing unwarranted delay to relieve Shri. L.K.Chauahan, PA SBCO Jhalawhar H.O who stand transferred to Tonk H.O under Rotational orders. The action of the postmaster has adversely affect the studies of the children of the official since the academic year had already started. The representation of the official to the Divisional Supdt,  Kota  was also not availed of. It is therefore requested that suitable instructions may please be given to the postmaster for immediate relief of the official.

                             A line in reply is solicited.
                             With regards.

                   Yours faithfully

                   ( Appanraj.S)