Saturday, February 26, 2011

Participation in Parliament Rally at NEW DELHI-on 23rd Feb.2011

President ,S.P.Kulkarni & S Appanraj General Secretary AIPSBCOEA attended Parliament Rally on 23rd Feb.2011along with NFPE CHQ leaders.

Meetings at DTE Level:- Presdient &General Secretary on 24 th Feb  Met with Director (SR), DDG(FS) & Director (SB) for the SBCO burning issues.
The out come of discussion is as follows-

1) Department has no any perfect proposal  about CBS and Role of SBCO in CBS.
2) Utilization of for Minimizing Minus Balances or Objection settlement i.e.operative work is not expected by the DTE.But Local Authorities are utilizing services of SBCO for this work 
3)Local Authorities are not giving importance to the SBCO's its own work due to which quality of SB work is not maintained.
4) shortage of staff in SBCO., quantity of work , regularity in returns is not maintained , only report from SBCO  about completion of work, minimum  objections is expected. No sufficient time given to complete the work to SBCO but compelled by the Local heads.
 5) Gross violation of SBCO control Procedure by the Local Heads. But SBCO staff is Punished/Penalized by the same SBCO Control Procedure.  
6) Necessity to Review the SBCO control procedure in the light of the Computerization or honor the present Control procedure.
 7)Use of Uniform software for SBCO Sanchaty Post V2SBCO.Duplication/double maintenance, Reporting differences about Sanchay Post & V2SBCO pointed out to the Authorities. 
8) Involvement of SBCO Staff in Huge Recoveries in Fraud Cases for non attending Duties as per SBCO control Procedure which s not followed by the SB/RD Branches & Local Heads.
9) No adequate Staff to manage present work in SBCO, necessity of revision of Staff, norms.etc.       Authorities are not denying this situation.The efforts will be done to sort out these issues by follow up action.- CHQ is  awaiting for your response &support with joining to our mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------S.P.Kulkarni, President AIPSBCOEA                 

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