Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Am I an active member, quite strong and bold,
Or, I am just satisfied because my name is enrolled ?
Do I know my constitution with goals and objectives,
Or just careless because known to my leaderships ?
Am I aware of the activities undertaken by my union,
Or just I have kept a watch on the problems of my own ?
Do I attend the meetings regularly and try to realize,
Or just stay at home and intend to criticize?
Do I keep any interest for welfare of the mass,
Or just satisfy my own, saying "Yes Boss"?
Do I like to come together with the flock?
Or just stay alone to find fault and knock? 
Have I ever visited a member who is sick?
Or shift the responsibility to a few and talk about the clique?
The existence of my Organization is at stake – Am I aware,
Or my status and pension are intact! – Am I quite sure?
Post Offices will be closed and A Company will rule,
If I don't react to save, won't I be a fool?
 Things will be outsourced and there will be a blow,
What shall I do and where shall I go?
Helter-skelter everywhere, false assurances perplexing,
Can't I do something to see my people smiling?
India is mine, so also India Post and its employees,
Right time has come for me to know and realize.
July 5th Indefinite Strike is the right occasion to answer,
Active participation for a total success irrespective of cadre.
If not this time, everything will be wrong,
Let me think, if I am an active member, or just belong?

(Courtesy Com. B. Samal, D/S,P-III , Bhubaneshwar)

--by S.P.Kulkarni, President ,AIPSBCOEA

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