Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Copy of the Letter No. AIPSBCOEA/CHQ    Dated 10.04.2012


The Secretary,
Department of Posts
Dak Bhavan
New Delhi 110001


SUB:Decentralization of RD work from   H.O. to SOs  - Ledger postings in HO reg..

            Vide Directorate letter no. 113-1/2002-SB  dated 13.2.2002, RD work was decentralize from HO to Departmental Sub offices to avoid maintenance of duplicate Ledgers in HO in r/o accounts opened in SOs . In the above cited order, no additional items of control work were mentioned.

            As a further development, while computerization of savings accounts, maintenance of duplicate ledger card was again introduced in the name of feeding of RD transactions in V2SBCO. The same was saddled upon the SBCO staff which is purely operative work.  Since there was no norms for attending this work and no additional man power, this revised procedure became not workable in HO. Entrusting the operative work of ledger posting to control organization is logically contrary also.
           While taking stock of the situation in DSOs , the position of ledger posting is in precarious condition. Due to various reasons, the ledger work in DSOs has been totally derailed. Onetime updating of RD ledgers in SOs by copying entries from pass book at the time of closure has become the order of day.
         In our view, the situation prior to 2002 ( Introduction of decentralization) is far better than that of now. Mushroom growth of frauds in RD category is the worst side effect of the decentralization. A number of SBCO officials are being succumbed to the evils of frauds and subjected under contributory negligence case.
        Our union considers this is high time to review aftermath developments of decentralization and to cause issue of orders for roll back the decentralization orders for maintenance of ledgers in HO SB Branch so as to enable the SBCO to carry out control work on RD effectively.                 
Yours Faithfully
General Secretary

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