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Ref No –Mh/ Circular/2 /14                                                              Dtd- 10th May 2014

Dear Comrades, Brothers, sisters of SBCO
   * CADRE RESTRUCTURING AGREEMENT SIGNED – Circulated by the NFPE 0n 28.04.2014 put up in website  &  - visit  these sites for details agreement
                 At last after several round of protracted negotiations with the administration, JCM Staff side, Departmental council ( NFPE & FNPO) has signed the cadre restructuring proposal. The staff side has tried to the best of its ability to make maximum improvement in the proposal. In spite of our hard bargaining we could not achieve 100 percent success. Our demand for separate higher pay scale for PO& RMS Accountants, Creation of separate cadre for System Administrators or grant of special pay/allowance, bringing MTS also under cadre restructuring etc is not accepted by the administration. Regarding Postmaster Cadre after much bargaining, it is agreed to examine our claim for higher pay scale after the present proposal is approved by the government.
                  As Govt has already appointed 7th CPC and the Pay Commission has already published the questionnaire, any further delay in completing the cadre restructuring will adversely affect the interest of Postal employees. We will take up the remaining issues, which are not agreed by the administration in the cadre restructuring committee with the 7thCPC in our memorandum and make one more effort to get a favourable recommendation.
                  Taking into consideration all the above aspects and also keeping in mind the larger interest of the employees, we have decided to sign the agreement    
Copy of the agreement is published below in above websites.
The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :
1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %
2. Number of HSG II  posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %
3. Number of HSG I  posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %
4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)
5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle Office and SBCO in the same ratio
6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of promotion.

  The present proposal is to be approved by Postal Board, DoPT & Finance Ministry. We will make all out effort to get the proposal implemented at an early date.
                                                                        Yours sincerely
    D.Theagarajan                                                                               M.Krishnan
  Secretary General                                                                  Secretary General
         FNPO                                                                                              NFPE


 Dear Friends /Comrades
Problem of feeder cadre having less number in ( LSG) resulted in to all vacant posts of HSG-II & HSG-I  in all over India will  solved by this restructuring for example in 100 posts 22 –LSG,12-HSG-II, & 4- HSG-I posts ( i.e. 38 out of 100 operative post will be in Norm base cadre. On the contrary our so called AISBCE union has proposed to down grade HSG-I posts to LSG  which
have sanctioned by the Department with curtailment of operative posts10% & 15 % in 2002, having no any status or discussion  with Department  on policy matters having no details of the issue allegations of the AISBCEA  that no achievement in this restructuring  by so called big union in their circular dtd 1.5.2014 is a funny thing and far from the facts and misguiding to the members.                                                                                                                               In circular issued by the AISBCE union dtd 01.05.2014 nothing but misguiding to the members giving false information point to point facts are put up here to think over and to verify the information.
At the same time it is not less that he admitted in his circular as this association is big one having representation in Federation.
  Regarding  transfers ,Postings  allotments to region to region issue was on the agenda of this association  also and effectively discussed in the Four monthly meeting with Hon’ble CPMG and accepted and issued orders in this meeting it was not raised by the attending office bearers of AISBCE union. It is resulted into the acceptance of membership of this association by the benefited officials of Mumbai region. Hence the matter highlighted by the AISBCE union in his circular is misguiding to the members.
  The same issue about Goa region, Not a single member of this association is disturbed in this memo. Only with wrong information provided to R.O./PMG about my tenure without considering my last year of service /retirement transfer order to Sangli   was issued by the PMG Goa. This fact considered by the PMG and regretted by the PMG  in the meeting dtd 26.04.2014 for mistake and issued only one order modified with retention of me at Kolhapur on 30.04.2014. But wrong information provided by the regional office bearers to circle as he has not put up a single word in the meeting for his disturbed members ( 9- members) in Goa region  as he himself having longest stay in Kolhapur but extension granted to him as usual. So he cannot use a single word in protection of his members. But Goa regional office bearer provided wrong information to issue hurriedly circular to misguide the members. It is our challenge that every time only we succeed to cancel /modification of orders. No staff is protected by the AISBCE union. The fact of transfers to Chiplun of office bearer of AISBCE union in Goa region/ Mumbai region can be remind by them for example as this issue was settled by the efforts of this assn.
  The only activity of this union office bearers is to misguide staff with wrong information’s. The staff of Mumbai region has known all these facts and experienced by them about the role of this association at CHQ level so this staff is visiting to all SBCO units and making aware about the present situation. So many members are accepting our membership after knowing the facts.

About 7th Pay Commission :- For information it is pointed out here that  this association founder members are submitting memorandum to pay commissions since 4th Pay Commission to 6th CPC. When we were invited by the 6th CPC we had appealed to then AISBCE Gen Secretary J.Sukumar to accompany us for issues of SBCO staff and to discuss on memorandum submitted for SBCO staff. But without joining us he sent a complaint to DG(P) for calling us by 6th CPC. On which it is replied by the Dept. that 6th CPC is competent to call anybody for discussion Dept has no any role in calling us. Then Deptt. has asked  us to submit copy of the memorandum submitted to 6th CPC by us. Its correspondence is with us. It was published at that time by us to all through circulars. With 6th CPC we had two sittings one at Delhi & one at Ahamdabad. Also we had got information from the Department under RTI that Memorandum submitted by AISBCE union to the Department and not a single memorandum was submitted to 6th CPC by the Department.
  Now the same J.Sukumar (JTO-Telcom-Chennai) is not in SBCO cadre but he is working for his own interest as there is no any studied or knowledgeable active in AISBCE union. Services of this outside cadre official are hired for this.  So called his assistants in committee from Delhi are aware about this incident referred. Also it was circulated to all at that time.
            As usual we are prepared to submit our memorandum to 7TH CPC. Recently Secretary General NFPE Com. M. Krishnan received invitation from 7th CPC dtd 12.05.2014 for the meeting dtd-29.05.2014. Through Federation we will submit our memorandum

   FOUR MONTHLY Meeting Dtd- 28.02.2014 : - Myself & Shri P.S Kharat attended meeting. Agenda items are as –
1)     Recruitment  in SBCO issue – process regarding.- CPMG  accepted the issue and agreed to review allotment to concerned region and directed  to the APMG ( Staff) and PMG’s regions for this also added Recruitment for 2013 & 2014 is  underway.
2)     Working of SBCO issues after CBS & use of SBCO staff for Operative work  as Data entry-  CPMG  accepted that No data entry work to be given to SBCO staff , Data entry work will be done by Postal Staff. Accordingly directions  to all AOICO’s (SB) & all PMG’                                                                 
3)     Role of Local heads in SBCO staff issues regarding MACP- directed not to take individual case  but  directed to settle all MACP pending cases before 25.05.2014.
Pending items as-
1)     Negligence towards SBCO’s Day to Day work
2)     To take revision cases in SBCO for provision to cope up present work- Matter is tyaken with DTE to supply computerized Norms for SBCO so as to complete Revision cases of SBCO in Maharastra by the CPMG.

You may compare the agenda items taken up by this association and AISBCE union. SBCO staff is enough brilliant to judge the difference in the issues and its remedies. The role of this association is only for survival of SBCO with its better future at all levels. Since establishing this association without recognition we are fighting for this and due this activities we are supported by all Circles  SBCO’s and tends  us to recognized this association . Functioning for the interest of the staff we could get affiliated with  NFPE federation for our all India policy. We are involved in All India Policy and having full footage at DTE/ Govt Level. Only this Association & NFPE federation can save SBCO with its better future. It will be better to compare the activities of Union and Association and join us for SBCO’s secure and better future.

APPEAL FROM THIS ASSOCIATION( CHQ) TO THE MEMBERS –IN REPLY TO Gen Secretary AISBCE Union- to put up the facts raised by him to clear the situation-
                                                                                                                                            Appeal from this CHQ to new members ( including new Recruits) and our SBCO friends to understand activities of this association and  to compare with so called  activities of Recognized & big AISBCE union which are put up in the circular by the General Secretary of AISBCE union. The points noted in his circular are far away from the facts and misguiding the staff of SBCO. We and our members are witnesses of the facts and happenings with SBCO staff since 1990 on wards.

1)The formation of this Association is in 1997 after all decisions of TBOP/BCR etc. TBOP on 01.08. 1991  and BCR on 01.10.1991. In which condition it is accepted is not the credit of the AISBCE union but it was the fact that TBOP granted to Postal side in 1983, 80:20 to Audit in 1986. But SBCO staff cannot get it due to inactive AISBCE union leadership. In 1991 The founder members of this Association after discussions with all other Circle leaders taken up this issue with Finance Ministry, Dept of Post . Meetings with  then Fin Minister Shri Madu Dandawate, & Manmohan Singh etc this issue was continuously followed up. Due to intervention of Hon’ble Manmhan Singhji we can achieved the TBOP/BCR in same year.  We have all correspondence in this regards and also it was published through our circulars time  to time. The outcome of this after discussion in All India Conference of AISBCE union in July 1991 as per resolution passed in CWC the delegation with myself met Hon’ble Finance minister & Secretary Deptt. Shri Prasad. And orders  of TBOP prepared by the DTE as per directions of Fin ministry. In which identity

of SBCO is clearly maintained. The lead in this issue was taken up by us the founder members of this association and not by the AISBCE union leaders. The failure leadership of AISBCE union to put up anomalies to Anomaly Committee resulted to establish this another SBCO association to protect SBCO Staff.  Since 1997 we are functioning as separate SBCO association. The issue referred as TBOP BCR is granted to SBCO by the intervention of Late Devilal Dy. Prime Min. is totally wrong. Senior retired leadrs may remember that it was referred by I.D Sharma in person to so many friends that he spent 110/- Rs for garlanding to Shri. Devilal but it was wastage as no result of his visit to Devilal Dy. P.M. at that time.  This can be confirmed thorough circulars issued by this association since 1997. In which all correspondence received from concerned Ministers addressed to us are published for information. So charges before 1997 on this association are not  true. It may be remember that this association established in 1997.
2) In 80:20 in Audit it was observed that some LDC’s retiring in LDCs. Some retiring in UDC cadre but no promotion after UDC’s. But due to TBOP/BCR every one has guarantee to reach HSG-II(BCR ) scale after 26 years. It was more benefited so TBOP/BCR accepted for the benefit of SBCO but at the same time Identity of SBCO and Seniority maintained.  Now any one can reach up to HSG-I Scale in MACP III after 30 years in operative post without any responsibility is our Achievement not of AISBCE union as stated in his Circular.            
 3) issue referred of 250 officials to get benefitted of TBOP/BCR benefit with huge arrears is     of U.P. Circle. It is also misguiding the facts. Fact is as –
Though TBOP/BCR granted in 1991 it was no effected in U.P. circle till my visit at Lucknow/ Kanpur in 2002. In my visit to Kanpur our U.P. circle branch established Shri. M.P.s Tyagi President & T.B Sachan Kanpur Circle Secretary. We  along with all office bearers from Kanpur visited Lucknow GPO. Till the issue of TBOP/ BCR was pending. After meetings with CPMG Shi. Gopinath & DPS (HQ) Shri. Tripathy the issue discussed and remedy for issuance of TBOP orders  was lack of Gradation list which was not ready of U.P. circle due to non availability of staff. It was decided te SBCO staff will cooperate to prepare gradation list to Circle office Staff. Then U.P. circle association above office bearers  cooperated to prepare circle gradation list and then TBOP/BCR of more than 280 officials issued and got huge arrears payment. This  was outcome of our discussion & meeting with U.P. circle CPMG at that time. Till 2002/03 after 1991 why they were waiting till our visit to U.P. circle. Still all the officials are active in these circles. Kanpur Region staff is well aware about this facts. So this matter referred by the gen secretary in his circular is misguiding the staff. It can be confirmed by the above office bearers.
The outcome of this , we got 389 members in U.P. circle in 2002 membership verification process for recognition. It is on record at DTE New Delhi.
4)     About transfer liability of SBCO- it is referred by AISBCE Gen Secretary that his Gen Secretary I.D Sharma  issued Suicide notice to the DTE to implement rotational transfers within clusters then it is accepted by the Dept  and issued orders of clusters by merging 2/3 H.O.’s and transfer the SBCO officials within clusters. Also it is claimed in the history of service unions Shri. I. D Sharma is only Gen Secretary issuing notice to the Department for the welfare of SBCO staff-
But real fact is that he has issued suicide notice in the issue of shifting One HSG-I post to other H.O. in New Delhi to vacant one LSG post for him at that H.O. it was due to transfer of 7/8 S.O.’s to other H.O. so he proposed to downgrade the HSG-I post for his posting. About his Notice of suicide he was suspended for 6 months. The affected HSG- I official was President of this association CHQ from New Delhi circle Shri. J.D. Kaushal one of the founder and active member of this association he retired in 2012 in  Sarojininagar H.O.HSG-I cadre.
This was the truth of activities of AISBCE Gen Secretary which are highlighted on  honor in his circular.
We are working at CHQ New Delhi level since 1990 and we are aware about all the activities of DTE level not a single incident is hindered from us. We are involved in all India policy and with federations for all India policies even of Postal side or RMS or SBCO. Our goal /target is to survive SBCO with its better future. Since 2002 we have                                  achieved Recognition position by securing required percentage for recognition. But AISBCE union has only one item on its agenda to derecognized this association. The leaders not interested in solving SBCO issues as SBCO issues are since 1965 since SBCO’s formation. But not a single issue is settled till this date. In-spite of the 60% membership it is not getting periodical meetings since 2000. But we are at DTE level in every meeting with Federation& trying to protect SBCO staff by hook & crook.
We have to face different court cases of Recognition filed by the AISBCE union. All are failed and Dept confirmed our Recognition. Still they are charging us about recognition. It will be better if they will look after to maintain their present memberships. Now we are receiving support from corner of India for our constructive and strong policy. We are function since 1997  without any recognition. WE are functioning since 4th CPC up to 7th CPC. We are conducting meetings with all authorities. Firmely we are proceeding towards our mission. This association will be only one association in the forthcoming membership verification in 2015.
All above facts are supporting with Documents letter from DTE , Mini. Finance, Min. Communications & and so many Circle /DTE authorities. These are published time to time in  Circulars by this associations. Also  such circulars are collected in files by
seniors officials in various circles since long. Anyone can get this literature for information from any senior members staff of SBCO. We are working for SBCO's interest –
and we are not demanded any thing for us only intention of this activity to save SBCO with its better future. We are proceeding towards our aim with firm and constructive policy and with the support of one biggest federation NFPE in the Department

Memorandum to 7th CPC - It is under submission & prepared  ready for submission.Sent your suggestions to include in the memorandum to submit to the 7thCPC in time- sent your views, suggestions to Com. Virendra Tiwari Gen Secretary o/o the RJCM  office O/O The CPMG U.P. Circle Lucknow ( U.P.) or Co,m S.P. Kulkarni President I/C SBCO Kolhapur H.o. 416003(Mh)or by E-Mail- or

            AGITATIONAL PROGRAM OF THIS ASSOCIATION- Responded by the Department.

ONE STEP TOWARDS SBCO's BURNING ISSUES OF SBCO- Result of Aggitational Program of the Association-



This association has issued notice  for SBCO’s Long pending 15 Demands  on  17th Feb 2014 of Agitation Program  From 18th March to 28th March including  1) Post Card  campaign from 18th to 20th March 2014 (2) Bearing Black Batches from 21th to 24th March 2014 (3) One day Dharana at R.O./C.O. level on 25th March 2014 (4) Two Days Relay Hunger fast & Dharana  at DTE New Delhi on 27th & 28Th March 2014

On which DTD Authorities appealed to the association to call off our agitation program vide DTE No 08/03/2014-SR Dtd 06.03.2014 with assurance to look into raised issues under notice dtd 17.02.2014.
In view of aforesaid circumstances the agitation program for one day Dharana on 25.03.2014 and two days hunger fast on 27th & 28 th March 2014 have been deferred  but first two programs will be observed strictly. Such
reply  given vide Ref No- AIPSBCOEA/CHQ-Notice-1/14 Dtd 10.03.2014 To Secretary (P) .Now Development in the issue Department has called meeting on 27th May 2014 to discuss the long time pending Sectional demands of SBCO staff vide notice issued on 17.02.2014  by this association.

Com M.Krishnan Secretary General NFPE ,Com  S.P. Kulkarni President & Com.Viendra Tiwary Gen Secretary  will attend meeting on 27.05.2014 at New Delhi to discuss the issues.

This is the first time in the history of SBCO that Department has responded on the demands of SBCO. Let us hope for better solution on the charter of Demands of 15 points of long pending items  put up by this Association. And it is in the interests of SBCO staff. For this you all are welcomed and congratulate by this CHQ for participating in above 2 agitation programs by sending huge number of Postcards and for joining in Bearing black batches as per associations declared program in March 2014.
Hope that you will join us for survival of SBCO Section and for its betterment in such a critical situation by accepting membership of this association and active part in all activities of A.I.P.S.B.C.O.E.Association & NFPE CHQ FOR OUR SAFE AND BETTER FUTURE.
            LAST BUT NOT LEAST THIS ASSOCIATION IS FUNCTIONING SINCE 1997 ONLY WITH YOUR MORAL SUPPORT FOR BETTERMENT OF SBCO STAFF AND WE EXPECT THE SAME IN FUTURE WITH PARTICIPATION IN ACTVITIES AND BY ACCEPTING MEMBERSHIP OF THIS ASOCIATION. It is our target to get No-1 position in SBCO cadre.  At present we are receiving support from all circles. Then why you are waiting ? join us, Support us and secure the future of SBCO.
Sent your problems to E-Mail-

Visit – websites -  
Financial position of the association is very poor. Sent Circle, CHQ quota, Federation Quota, Donations to the CHQ/Circle to keep struggle for SBCO’s survival & better future.
            With hope you will go through the above position & decide to which association you will support? If you are worried about future this association can save & protect SBCO’s Future under the Strong leadership of association & NFPE leadership. Don’t hesitate. Join now with us.
Long Live AIPSBCOEA !!!!!!!! AIPSBCOEA Zindabad !!!!!!! NFPE Zindabad !!!!!
                                                                                               Yours Friendly,
                                                                                        --- Sd ----
                                                                                    ( S.P.Kulkarni)
                                                                            President ( CHQ)AIPSBCOEA
                                                                        Mb -09822056791 , 09767687485
                ---- Sd ----
( Virendra Tiwari)                                      

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