Wednesday, December 28, 2016


            The Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPSBCOEA was held at M.P. Club, North Avenue, New Delhi, under the Presidentship of Com. S.S. Sathe on 14th & 15 December, 2016.  Com. M. Krishnan S.G. Confederation, Com. Giri Raj Singh G/S R-III & President NFPE, Com. R.N. Parashar G/S P-III & S.G. NFPE, Com. R. Seeta Lakshmi G/s P-IV, Com. Rajendran, President R-III, Com. S.B. Yadav G/S AIPAEA and Com. Anil Chaudhari President P-4 U.P. graced the CWC by their presence.  Adverse weather conditions and cancellation of trains & flights did not deferred the enthusiastic comrades of AIPSBCOEA from attending the CWC, it was largely attended and was a grand success.
            Com. Virendra Tewary, General Secretary, AIPSBCOEA, gave the welcome speech and after giving a brief speech about the association and functioning as well as the problems / danger's that would be coming in near future, read the condolence message of his report and homage to martyrs was paid by observing two minutes silence.  After, he invited Com. M. Krishnan to formally inaugurate the CWC and address the house.
            Com. M. Krishnan S.G. Confederation while inaugurating the CWC, congratulated the association, by admitting that though AIPSBCOEA is the youngest and smallest affiliate of NFPE, it is holding each and every programme in a grand manner.  He shared his own experience with the house as he himself worked for 8 years in SBCO as an UDC.  He said that there is a non affiliated association in SBCO, whose only function is to get transfer of its leaders at their convenient place.  It has no other agenda and is never involved / called for discussion at any forum.  Whereas this association is represented in every forum and though small in number, General Secretary has been inducted as a Central Secretariat as Org. Secretary in the Committee of Confederation.  Association is called for discussion and even participated in deliberations with the 7th CPC.  Un-officials figures are with us, where the AIPSBCOEA has secured above 40% membership in the verification of 2015.  This gain has been made due to its functioning.
            Com. Krishnan, narrated the entire developments from submission of memorandum to VIIth CPC to the deferment of indefinite strike, negotiations held with GOM assurances given by Group of Ministers and also the betrayal of Govt. from its own assurances.  He told that after acceptance of VIIth CPC by Govt. on 29.6.2016, five committees have been set up by government to resolve the issues, but till date all the exercise has gone in vain as the committees are only listening to views of staff side, and are not speaking up as they are not empowered to do so.  Now the government has extended the tenure of the Allowances Committee upto 22.2.2017, means that employees won't get allowances at revised rates in this financial year.  Com. Krishnan appealed to the house to get ready for the final slowdown, as struggle is the only path for success, he elaborately explained that how for greater unity of Central Govt. employees we toed the line taken by NJCA, but that yielded no results.  In the AIC of Confederation at Chennai, the house decided to go for agitational programmes to achieve our genuine demands and accordingly three phase of agitational programme's were given (a) Demonstration on all Central Govt. offices on 20.10.2016, (b) Mass Dharna in all cities on 7.11.16 & (c) March to Parliament on 15.12.2016.
            He appealed to the house join in mass to Mach to Parliament and wished the CWC a grand success he formally declared the CWC inaugurated.
            Com. R.N. Parashar S.G. NFPE, while addressing the house told that NFPE is the mightiest federation and is known for its fighting character and capabilities.  He cited examples of how through sustained struggles we have achieved various demands.  Recently by giving two days strike notice and phase struggles, orders for enhancing of Bonus limits for GDS were issued.  He categorically told that without struggles nothing can be achieved and if we don't repulse or resist then existence of the unions would be in danger.  We need not fear the government, as it has rolled back many of its decisions under pressure.  He said that NFPE will extend its full co-operation and full support to AIPSBCOEA.  He told the leaders to go to rank and file, communicate with members and observe all the calls given by federation or confederation.  He wished the CWC a grand success and appealed to discuss on sectional issues and be prepared for future struggles.
            Com. Rajendran, President R-III, thanked the committee for giving him an opportunity to share his views and extended his warm greetings to the CWC. He also said that this government is anti employee, as it has gone back on its own assurances and extended the tenure of Allowances Committee.  He also appealed to the house to be prepared for future struggles in order to clinch our genuine demands.
            Com. S.B. Yadav, G.S. AIPAEA, greeted the CWC and extended his best wishes for the CWC.  He congratulated General Secretary for successfully holding the CWC.  He opined that SBCO was earlier a part of Postal Accounts in the CAG set up and was departmentalised 15 years earlier to the Postal Accounts.  However, Postal Accounts could maintain its identify to a great extent, but the SBCO could not, which is the root cause of its miseries / problem.  He told that danger is prevailing in both organisations i.e. SBCO and Postal Accounts in the name of modernisation and computerisation.  He told that their view is that all the accounts streams including SBCO should be brought under one fold under the DA (P) and urge upon the house to discuss and adopt resolution on such line.  He cited how the govt. has cheated on the financial aspects of VIIth CPC, by not giving 3% rate of increments in many stages of the pay matrix, by not enhancing I. Tax Limit, eliminating the fraction part of the calculation of DA, rounding off factor to 100, while fixing of pay etc.  He appealed for greater preparedness to face the onslaught of the retrograde anti staff policies of the government.
            Com. R. Seetalakshmi General Secretary of P-4 and Convenor Mahila Committee of Confederation, extended her warm greetings and wished a grand success to the CWC.  She said that in the name of modernisation various new schemes are being launched with the sole aim of reducing the staff.  Basic amenities to staff are being denied and the work load is increasing day by day due to decreasing strength of the staff.  Struggles pays and we should be ready to fight for our just demands, she extended all support for the association and appealed to the house to undergo a detailed deliberations on their sectional issues and bring resolutions on them.  He again wished the CWC a grand success and thanked the Reception Committee for their grand arrangements.
            Com. Tewary, G.S. proposed a vote of thanks and then President adjourned the house for lunch.
            After lunch, the Delegate session began with the presentation of General Secretary report.  He also placed the proposed for phased struggle programmes and released the posters on the proposed struggle programmes.
            The General Secretary's report and Account's report were passed by the house in voice vote and the phased struggle programme's proposed by the General Secretary was endorsed by the house by a voice vote.  Delegates across the country spoke in length on the sectional problems like Time Factor, Contributory negligence, problems of connectivity in MIS server, harassment of staff, staff shortage, writing of APAR to be given to AO ICO (SB), signing on each vouchers etc.  A thread bare discussion was held on each and every issues related with SBCO.  Posters reflecting struggle programme's and charter of demands were distributed for campaigning to all delegates.
            Com. Tiwari while summing up the discussion replied to all the querries and assured the house that their problems would be raised at the highest forum and interest of the members will be safeguarded.  He thanked the house for adopting his report and extending their support to run the association.  He appealed to all to observe the struggle programme's.  He declared that the A.I.C. of the association shall be held at Kolkata from 7.4.17 to 9.4.17.


         Under the banner of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers the all Constituents of NFPE (AIPSBCOEA) have participated in a large number from all the Circles in Parliament March on 15th Dec. 2016 against the breach of assurance and betrayal by group of Ministers of NDA Govt.
         During the Parliament March, Secretary General, CCGE&W Com. M.Krishnan has declared One Day Nation Wide General Strike to be observed on 15th Feb. 2017 which was welcomed by all participants as a good decision with clapping.
         AIPSBCOEA always remain in front line of the struggles and now decided in our CWC to make grand success of the said strike on 15th Feb. 2017.
            Therefore all members & office bearers are requested to prepare themselves for their participation in the strike with full enthusiasms to uphold the self respect and dignity.
Virendra Tewary
General Secretary

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