Thursday, February 9, 2017

Proceed for the Next Phase of Agitation Programmes for the Settlement of our Demands

Dear Comrades

The CHQ would like to congratulate you all for the successful observation of the 1st and 2nd phase of Agitations by all the members of AIPSBCOEA. In this regard the leadership of Circle Secretaries who managed it at their respective Circles of Head Post Offices, are praiseworthy.

Some circles have already shared photographs of the agitations, the circles that haven't done so yet are requested to arrange for submission to CHQ for uploading them on our website.

It is learnt that the SBCO, having originated from Audit and Accounts Wing had consequential benefits in the pay structure, status of administrative unit and a separate identity for audit and accounting works. Gradually however we lost these benefits due to the inaction of the then so called leadership. We are now planning the revival of our past privileges and identity due to the nature of work that may be achieved through struggle.

All of you are therefore requested to observe the next programmes (3rd to 6th phase) in full swing, to ensure its grand success and report the activities to CHQ. 

Virendra Tewary
General Secretary

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