Monday, March 6, 2017

Karwan took a short break due to meeting called for on 25 points Charter of Demands at Postal Directorate New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Tilak Dey, Member (T) holding additional charge of Member (P) on 1st March 2017. 
Dear Comrades,
                  As all of you are aware that the intimation for the Meeting on 1st March 2017 to discuss on 25 points Charter of Demands was issued by ADG (SR & Legal) on 21.02.17 to the undersigned. (Already intimated through Bulletin No. 12).
                  Accordingly the meeting was held on 1st March 2017 in the Chamber of Honourable Member, Postal Services Board at 11.00 AM sharp.  In this meeting, General Secretary AIPSBCOEA alongwith Secretary General NFPE Com. Parashar and NFPE President Com. Giri Raj Singh appeared on behalf of staff side.  Shri Tilak Dey (Member), Dr. Abinav Wallia DDG (SR & Legal), Ms. Swaroopa Saraan ADG (SR & Legal) and Shri T.V. Vargeesh S.O. (SR & Legal) were present from official side.
                  The 25 points Charter of Demands were discussed in a very cordial atmosphere and the official side heard our arguments in length patiently with a positive assurances.  The meeting ended with thanks at 14:15 P.M. by both sides.  The minutes of the said meeting are awaited and likely to be issued shortly.
                  The AIPSBCOEA through its militant capacity and phasewise trade union movements gained this achievement and constrained the higher administration to focus their attention towards our 25 points Charter of Demands.  This credit goes to our dedicated members / office bearers / Circle Secretaries, who are requested to pull this Karwan cautiously and continuously for further achievement.  After receipt of minutes of the 1st March 2017 meeting the issues shall be discussed in length during 4th AIC at Kolkata.
                  For the successful observation of phasewise agitational programmes and for getting opportunity to discuss the 25 points Charter of Demands, the General Secretary on behalf of Association is proud of and extend heartedly thanks to all CHQ office bearers / Circle Secretaries with their team and members of the Association. 
"Happy Holi to all" 
Comradely yours, 
Virendra Tewary 
General Secretary

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