Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Biennial Circle Conference of
Rajasthan Circle
Dear Comrades,
              The 4th Biennial Conference of AIPSBCOEA of Rajasthan Circle was held on 12.08.17 and 13.08.17 at Tripolia Balaji Mandir, Sanganer, Rajasthan. The team headed by Com. V.K. Jain has convened well and appropriate arrangements on venue place for lodging and fooding. The leaders of sister unions of NFPE were also present namely Com. Manoharlal Circle Secy. P-III and Com. Sanjeev Agrawal Secy. Admn. Union who delivered their valuable speeches with assurance to extend full support and due co-operation to increase the membership of AIPSBCOEA.
              The Conference was graced by General Secretary and he focused in his speech to be alert for future challenges and call for the members of AIPSBCOEA to fight against the anti-employees policies of the Department / Govt. to safe our identity in the Department.
              The new set of Circle Office bearers of the Association have been elected unanimously in the leadership of Com. Kailash Chandra Banjara President and Com. V.K. Jain Circle Secretary. The photographs of newly elected Circle Office bearers are produced below alongwith General Secretary in centre.
General Secretary

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