Friday, August 26, 2011

<>Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every
five years thereafter<>.

It is in the context of the ever increasing prices and the inaction
on the part of the Government to tackle it for it might effect
adversely the so-called economic growth and the dearness compensation
being what it is, the National Council of the Confederation, which met
at Mumbai on 2nd Dec 2010, decided to demand the next wage revision
immediately. It also took note of the fact that the Government did
concede the demand of the workers in the Central Public Sector
Undertakings, rightly so, to revise the wages every five years (
2006-2011). In the absence of specific recommendation by the 6th CPC
over the period in which the present Pay Structure should be in
vogue, , it was the unanimous opinion emerged in the deliberations
at the National Council that the wages must be revised without further
delay. Besides, the expert body on wage revision of Civil Servants i.e
the 5th CPC had categorically stated that an interim wage revision in
the form of merger of DA with Pay must take place as and when the DA
component in wages exceeds the 50% limit. As on 1.1.2011, the DA is
51%. This apart the Council rightly noted that the Pay Band. Grade pay
system brought in the 6th CPC has created anomalies beyond correction
and had been designed and devised to benefit the personnel in
Group. A only services. In our submissions to the Government on the
6th CPC recommendations, we had categorically with facts and figures
pointed out that the wage increase will tapper off over a period
of 6-7 years and thereafter the wages would begin to compare
unfavourably with the one determined by the 5th CPC The Government
must come forward to set up an expert committee with staff-side
representatives to revise the wages of CGEs immediately.

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