Monday, November 21, 2011

Resolutions adopted in Central Working Committee meeting of AIPSBCOEA held at New Delhi from 20.10.11 to 21.10.11
            The Central Working Committee meeting of AIPSBCOEA was held at New Delhi from 20.10.11 to 21.10.11. The following resolutions were passed unanimously. It is decided to urge the Department for settling of the problems enumerated in the following Resolutions of the staff working in SBCO immediately.
1.      Savings Bank Control Organization in the Department of Post was decentralized from erstwhile P and T audit office. SBCO should be regarded as an audit wing of Savings Bank and be given status equal to Postal Accounts on all aspects as its functions and the responsibilities are synonymous. The staffs of SBCO are in fact exercising that decentralized audit and accounts duties and their work actually start after the accounting of the transactions. Therefore, imposing recovery of loss irrationally fixing contributory negligence on them for frauds committed in Savings Bank in Post Offices must be given up.

2.   Request for reevaluation of the issue of administrative control of SBCO staff to ensure independent and proper functioning of SBCO Branch. The powers of writing of CR should be vested with Accounts officer ICO(SB) as they are the next supervisory officer with full knowledge of the functioning of SBCO Branch and its procedures.

3.   Transfer liability in SBCO cadres may be modified and restricted to Divisional level to mitigate the hardship at par with Accounts line officials in Post Offices who also belong to circle cadre like SBCO staff.

4.   After decentralization of RD, MIS and SCSS categories, maintenance of duplicate ledgers of these categories was entrusted to SBCO which is quite irregular as it constitutes operative work. The operative work should be de-linked from SBCO as SBCO has to perform the Audit work of these categories. Both the duties performed by the one organization are not meaningful. As a result very functioning of SBCO i.e, checking of vouchers has been affected very much and frauds occur liberally in these schemes in Sub/Branch offices. It is therefore requested to cause orders for maintenance of ledgers of RD, MIS and SCSS by the staff of SB Branch in Head post offices in Sanchay Post version.

5.   Vacancies of PA, SBCO in all circles needed to be assessed on a war footing and the posts sanctioned after review along with the existing vacancies should be filled up immediately.

6.   When SB allowance was introduced to the PAs of the SB branch, the staff of SBCO remained in LDC/UDC cadres. Since 1991, the nomenclature of LDC/UDC was replaced as PA SBCO and there is no difference in pay scales between PA and PA SBCO. Considering the similarity in cadre, pay scales and increase of work load owing to addition of much new type of works, grant SB allowance to the staff working in SBCO should be considered in earnest.

7.   In the proposed introduction of Core Banking Solution in Postal Savings Bank, utmost care should be taken for authenticity of balance in Savings Accounts. Only the accounts with certified balances should be transferred to CBS. The RD accounts may not be included in CBS , since the ledger maintenance of this category has been derailed in all levels right from its inception.

8.   The proposal of cadre review put forth by National Federation of Postal Employees may please be expedited without further delay.

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