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Leader: K. V. Sridharan                                                       Secretary: Giriraj Singh
Ref: JCM/DC/2011                                                                               Dated – 28.09.2011
The Chairman
Postal Departmental Council JCM
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi - 110001
Sub: -     Subjects for discussion from the Staff side in the meeting of Departmental Council JCM
Ref: -   Your letter No. 6/02/2011-SR dt. 13.09.2011
The list of new subjects which contains the subjects not discussed in the last meeting and also the new subjects in two annexures for discussion in the ensuing meeting of Postal Departmental Council Meeting of the Joint Consultative Machinery is enclosed herewith in Triplicate.
With kind regards,
Yours faithfully,
(Giriraj Singh)
Secretary – Staff Side

Transfer liability of the staff  of SBCO

As assured during the talks, transfer liabilities to SBCO staff may be restricted to divisional level in order to mitigate the hardship due to transfers after completion of tenure.

Stop penalizing the SBCO employees by imposing recovery of loss irrationally for frauds committed in the savings schemes in sub/branch offices.
The staffs of SBCO are actually exercising the decentralized audit and accounts duties and their work actually start after accounting of the transactions. Whereas, in many cases they have been proceeded with charges under contributory factors for recovery of loss sustained to the department. It is requested to cause necessary orders protecting the SBCO staff.

Request for change in the MACP Rules to grant financial up gradation to the promotees:
Now the procedure followed in MACP to consider all promotions obtained through competitive examinations also as regular promotions and thereby reducing the number of available financial up gradation, is causing discrimination between the direct recruits and promotees. If a Group D official gets promotion as Postman by competitive examination and then PA by another competitive exam he will get only once a financial up gradation as against three to his counterpart “direct recruits” in that cadre. Hence suitable action is requested to make changes in the MACP rules for grant of three financial up gradations to the promotees in our department because the promotions in our department are competitive in nature unlike qualifying examinations in other departments.

Recovery of Huge amounts from the officials in the name of contributory negligence: 
The Directorate has issued instructions Vide DG No 14013/03/2010-VP dated 22-06-2011 to the Heads of Circles on the above subject. But here is no impact of the orders on the Disciplinary authorities and the harassment of recoveries continues and the allegations are flimsy in nature. Actually the Divisional heads and inspecting officers are contributing for the frauds in Sub offices after decentralization of SB work and misappropriation of Govt. Money. But the officials at Head offices are charge sheeted and amounts recovered arbitrarily severally making them incapacitated. The officials on the verge of retirement are the scapegoats as they are forced to credit the amounts to get their pensionary benefits. In most of the cases the charge sheeting authority is directly responsible for the contributory negligence and the CLI/RLI supports the authorities only. The appeals and petitions did not help the aggrieved and in no case they were disposed in a practical perspective. The main offenders were dealt with casually and before proceeding against the main offenders action is being initiated against the subsidiary offenders.

We request for issue of speaking orders on the subject in detail to safe guard the innocent and frustrated officials.

Non adherence to the DG orders in reconsidering the bench Mark for promotion to MACP:
A kind reference is invited to the DG letter No 4-7/MACPS/2009-PCC dated 01-09-2010, wherein instructions have been issued to the circle to constitute Scrutiny Committee to review the bench mark for promotion to the MACP II and III. Circles like A.P. J&K the bench mark were not reviewed and the scrutiny committees stick to the old benchmark against the spirit of the orders and many officials did not get the promotion.LSG, but not considered for the promotion to MACP. The officials promoted to the MACP were placed in the Pay Band I instead of Pay band-II, though clarification was already issued by the DOP&T and Department.
Clarificatory orders are requested.
 Appanraj .S   
 General Secretary

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