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No. : AIPSBCOEA/05-2014                                                        Dated : 12.01.2014


Dear Comrades,


            It is aware that C.W.C. Meeting of AIPSBCOEA was organised at the Ist Floor, North Avenue P.O. Building, New Delhi on 17.12.2013 with energetic dedication for redressal of burning issues relating to S.B.C.O. staff.

            The C.W.C. meeting was presided over by Com. S.P. Kulkarni, President (CHQ), Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE and CCGEW inaugurated the CWC meeting with Com. K.V. Sridharan Ex. Genl. Sec. P-III, Com. I.S. Dabas Genl. Sec. P-IV and Com. S.B. Yadav Dy. Genl. Sec. AIPAEA.

            Com. Krishnan in his inaugural address explained the Common grievances/demands of Central Govt. Employees as well as the demands of SBCO Employees in the proposed organisational setup.  He also highlighted the roll of Postal Unions and Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers to consider the Central Govt., who announced for earlier Constitution of 7th C.P.C. and that reveals the result of our continuous struggle.  This struggle also yielded to come forward in the streamline at a joint platform with Railway & Defence Federations.  Accordingly the Staff side National Council J.C.M. has submitted a draft memorandum to the Govt. regarding items to be included in terms of references of 7th C.P.C. and the main issues are as under :-

(1)             Date of effect of 7th CPC be 01.01.2014.
(2)             Merger of DA with pay for all purposes.
(3)             Grant of an interim relief.
(4)             Inclusion of GDS employees of postal Deptt. under the purview of 7th CPC.
(5)             Statutory defined pension to all govt. employees irrespective of their date of joining the service.
(6)             Settlement of annomalies of 6th CPC timely.
(7)             Cashless / Hasslefree medicare facilities.

            Com. Krishnan also assured all help from NFPE to solve the sectional demands of SBCO staff.  He also advised to submit a cadre restructuring proposal demanding higher pay scales and service conditions for SBCO staff as early as possible. And also holding a workshop of SBCO-CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries and others for submission a memorandum to 7th CPC.

            Com. K.V. Sridharan in his address disclosed that S.B.C.O. Staff being part of Accounts fraternity from very begining are now facing limited promotional avenues after separation and accordingly he advised to AIPSBCOEA to submit a memorandum demanding pay parity with Postal Accounts Staff with promotional avenues for consideration by 7th C.P.C. with assurance for full co-operation to be extended by him.

            Com. S.B. Yadav and Com. I.S. Dabas have focussed in their brief speech   for greater unity of employees to face the anti-employees policy of the Govt. for which they are fully prepared at any time when required.

            The President constituted the house with 24 delegates participated in the C.W.C. meeting as under :-

                  General Secretary, then placed his report in the house for discussion and approval.  To start with, first homage was paid to all the leaders of the monuments passed away during last days, and also to those who lost their lives in natural calamities, by observing two minutes scheme.  He read the entire report inclusive of financial status of the association between 5.3.2013 to 1.12.2013 G. Secretary in his exhaustive report touched each aspect of the employees movement and struggle made under the banner of NFPE and CCGEW.  He mentioned all the efforts made by AIPSBCOEA to achieve/ clinch its sectional demands, and how the leaders of the federation tend a helping hand to him in solving the issues of SBCO.

                  In the Delegate session, delegates from various units expressed their views on problems of SBCO and also on General Secretaries report.  Speakers include S/Shri Subhash Jaiswal praised G. Secretary for his report and insisted on increasing the membership of association.  He stressed that UDC of SBCO has become PA likewise supervisor cadre & IPO companion of it reflects the imbalance.  Com. N.K. Narela and Shri Meena expressed concern over victimisation on ground of contributory negligence and emphasised on filling of posts and strengthening of the organisation.  Comrade Karat and Sathe praised G.S. and S.G. for their fantastic functioning and assured that they enhance the membership.  Com. Noorani criticised the high handedness and behaviour of Administrative side.  Com. Mohanan laid emphasis on raising the membership and was of the view the there should be communication between leaders and we should be co-operative with our sister unions.  Shri Brahmabhatt, suggested for formation of a fund to fight out the cases of recovery by union in court of law.

                  Com. P.B. Bhosar assured to increase the membership of our association.  Com. Sheikh was of the view that help should be made at the view that help should be made at the grass root level so that strong organisation is build which will ultimately strengthen trade union movement.  Shri Atul Srivastava and J.S. Vajpayee expressed that central leadership should try their level best to solve the issues and also stressed on financial support for association.  Com. A.K. Jain requested to ensure finding holding of DPC for financial upgradation and withdrawal of operative work from SBCO. Shri B.K. Balan proposed the dates of 26.1.14 & 27.1.14 for conducting the workshop.

                  Com. Appan Raj, appreciated the General Secretary for his enthusiastic report which includes all their resolution.  He demanded that administrative power must be changed from Divisional Supdt. to A.O. I.C.O.  He expressed concern over non holding of DPC in various circles.  He explained in detail about the 'Finacle Software' and its impact on the functioning of SBCO.  After implementation, we will have to do Audit Work, Voucher-checking, detecting mistakes etc.  If C.B.S. is launched accurately, problems of SBCO will minimize automatically.

                  Com. Asit Das drew attention towards the court case and then assured that 23 new appointee's will be made members of the association as they were appointed due to efforts of NFPE.

            While summing up the debate / discussion, General Secretary spoke in length on issues raised by the house. He expressed that had the earlier association raised the same and dealt properly, power would have not gone to Administrative authority.  Regarding, DPC he said that due to wrong ratio of feeder cadre in reference to HSC-I & II, it is being delayed.  He constituted a committee for preparing cadre Restructure proposal, comprising of (1) Com. S.P. Kulkarni (2) Appan Raj (3) Mohannan (4) Asit Das (5) Virendra Tewary as invited member Sri Alok Jain.

                  Com. Y.D. Shukla gave the vote of thanks.

                  Com. S.P. Kulkarni, President CHQ thanked all the Comrades for attending the CWC meeting in such an adverse weather conditions.  He said, memorandum will be submitted to 7th Pay Commission and concluded the meeting by declaring next venue of CWC at GOA.  Workshop will be conducted at Indore or Gujarat in May/June.


                  CWC passed the proposal of General Secretary to go on organisational course of action to achieve our demands, as the authorities did not took any concrete steps to solve the issues raised through the Resolutions passed at A.I.C. Haridwar.  The proposed action programmes are as under to be started from 18th March, 2014.

(1)             Post Card Campaign 18th March 2014 to 20th March 2014.
(2)             Bearing of black-ribbon from 21 March 2014 to 24th March 2014 and holding of lunch hour meeting.
(3)             One day Dharna at the level of Regional Office or Circle Office according to convenience, on 25th March 2014.
(4)             Two Day's Relay Hunger fast and Dharna at the Postal Directorate, New Delhi on 27th March & 28th March 2014.

Note : All Comrades are requested to book their Rail Tickets for attending Hunger Fast and Dharna at Delhi on 27th & 28th March 2014.

            The memorandum draft copy already submitted by General Secretary to the Secretary (Posts) is enclosed herewith for ready reference.



Dear Comrades,

As you are aware, the extended National Executive of the Confederation held at New Delhi on 10.01.2014 has decided to organize 48 hours (2 days) Nationwide strike of Central Government Employees on 12th and 13th of February 2014. Strike Notice will be served to Cabinet Secretary, Government of India by Confederation and to Secretary, Department of Posts by NFPE and all its affiliated unions on 21.01.2014.

Main Demands of the two days strike are
1.         DA Merger
2.         Interim Relief
3.         Inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC
4.         Date of effect of 7th CPC 01.01.2014
5.         Regularisation and Revision of wages of Casual laburers.
6.         Rescind the PFRDA Act and scrap New Pension Scheme
7.         Settlment of anomalies of 6th CPC.
(II)      Ensure every five year revision of wages of Central Government Employees in future.
(III)    (a)       Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal Department  and grant of Civil Servant status, statutory pension and all other benefits at par with regular employees.
            (b)       Regularisation and revision of wages of casual and contract workers.
(IV)    Compassionate appointment - removal of restrictions imposed by Government.
(V)      JCM and Anomaly Committee Functioning.
(VI)    Fill up all vacant posts and creation of new posts wherever justified.
(VII)   Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation and privatization of Government functions.
(VIII) Stop the move to introduce performance related Pay (PRP) system, Extended PLB Bonus for all, removing bonus ceiling.
(IX)    Revise OTA and Night Duty Allowance rates and clothing rates.
(X)      Implement arbitration awards.
(XI)    Five promotions to all.
(XII)   Rescind the PFRDA Act.  Ensure statutory Pension for all.
(XIII) Stop price rise.  Revive and extend public distribution system for all.
(XIV) Stop trade union victimization.
(XV)   Ensure Right to strike.

            The NFPE has jointly filed a case in the Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi for counting of RTP services as regular service for all consequential benefits under O.A. No. 3647/2013 dt. 08.10.2013.  Case came up for hearing on 07.01.2014, next sitting is on 24.02.2014.


1.         Comrades are requested to write down the any type of problems faced by them in the circle to the undersigned / Association immediately for redressal at appropriate level.

2.         All office bearers, Circle Secretaries and I/C of SBCO branches are requested to circulate the circular amongst the members / officials.

3.         All Circle Secretaries/Office bearers are requested to observe dynamic tour to complete the Strike Programmes. 

Participate and make it a glorious success to bring in a revolutionary change in the policy.

NFPE ZINDABAD                                                      AIPSBCOEA ZINDABAD

Fraternally yours,

          (S.P. KULKARNI)                                    (VIRENDRA TEWARY)
                   President                                                   General Secretary
                                                                                    Mob. : 09839195933

                                                                   Email : pratibhatiwari0712@gmail.com

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