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Ref. No. :AIPSBCOEA/CHQ-Memorandum/2013-14            Dated : 23.12.2013

              The Secretary
              Department of Posts
              Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
              New Delhi - 110 001
Sub :         Memorandum on pending resolutions passed in All India Conference of Association held at Haridwar.
                  In the CWC meeting of Association held at New Delhi on 17.12.13, the resolutions passed in All India Conference have been reviewed by the CHQ Office bearers and Circle Secretaries with grave concern for the inordinate delay in its implementation/consideration of long pending demands of SBCO employees.
                  The CWC decided to bring all the important pending resolutions once again to the notice of the Secretary (Posts) for early settlement, before resorting to agitational programmes in the month of March 2014.  Accordingly we submit the following long pending items already referred vide Association letters dt. 05.03.13, 20.03.13 & 26.08.13 for early settlement and favorable action :-
1.               Regular Promotion to LSG & HSG SBCO Grade:
                  "A" Regular promotion to LSG, HSG II and HSG-I SBCO Cadre are not' taken up periodically in all Circle by convening DPC. As a result, majority of supervisory posts are lying vacant and being managed under office arrangements. This pre-empts the availability of eligible LSG officials to go on promotion to HSH-II and HSG-I Cadre and causes extra work load to T/S PAs SBCO. Therefore, it is resolved to issue necessary instructions to all Circle Heads to convene the DPC in a time bound manner and accord promotions to the staff every six months.
                  "B" Officiating Pay: In so many offices staff entrusted with the duties of higher posts is not being paid the officiating pay of the post on which they are working. It is therefore resolved that offg. pay of higher post should be paid to them.
2.               Restoration of Administrative powers to AO ICO:
                  SBCO functions are devised for auditing and accounting according as per the prescribed procedures. PAs SBCO belong to circle cadre and their Appointing Authority is Director of Postal Services. The progress of the work performed by the officials of SBCO is virtually reviewed by AO ICO (SB) who is well versed in SBCO procedure. The inspection of SBCO Branch is conducted by the AO ICO (SB) every year by this they acquire through knowledge about the staff and their capabilities. Since the SBCO is an audit section, it has to bring out the deficiencies and discrepancies of the SB Branch to the Divisional Administration by raising objections and through reports. This action is not relished by the Administration and the SBCO Branch is being considered as nuisance by them. As such, the power of writing of CRs over SBCO Branch staff vested with Divisional Heads is counter-productive and this is being used by the Divisional Administration to coerce the SBCO staff from raising genuine objections. Hence, it is resolved to restore the power of writing of CRs to AO ICO(SB) to enable the SBCO staff for maintenance of proper accounting and auditing as per old pattern.
3.               Transfer liability (SBCO):
                  The present transfer liability in respect of SBCO Cadres gives more hardship to officials. On completion of post tenure, the officials are transferred to far off places in many circles. Hence, the privilege of transfer limited within division, being enjoyed by other categories of staff in PO s may-be accorded to SBCO also.
4.               SB Incentive to SBCO Staff.
                  It is resolved that the SB incentive may be granted to the staff working in SBCO also at par with the Postal Assistants working in SB Branch. The issue may be taken up with Ministry of Finance for approval.
5.               Permission for appearing for Gr. 'B' Cadre Examination:
                  Postal Assistants, SBCO are permitted for appearing for Inspector (Posts) Examination. But, LSG Supervisors, SBCO are not allowed to write the examination for promotion to Group 'B' cadre. It is against the principles laid down in Article 14 of Constitution of India as this deprives the opportunity to eligible officials. It is resolved that the grievance may be redressed and LSG SBCO officials with eligible service may be allowed to appear for Group 'B' cadre Examination in Postal Department.
6.               Irregular Recovery/Contributory negligence cases:
                  The staff of SBCO is actually exercising the decentralized Audit and Accounts duties and their work actually start after accounting of the transactions. It is, therefore, penalizing the SBCO employees by imposing recovery of Loss irrationally for frauds committed in the savings schemes in Sub/Branch Offices is contrary to statutory rules. It is learnt that the employees working in Postal Accounts are exempted from the liability of contributory negligence cases. Hence, on the same analogy, the SBCO staff may also be accorded the same status. It is therefore resolved that the SBCO staff should not be held responsible for contributory negligence and recovery should not be imposed upon them.
7.               Fixing time factor:
                  In view of additions in current duties after introduction new SB Schemes, decentralization of RD/MIS/SCSS, and computerization of SBCO Branch a revised time factor should be evolved judiciously so that additional posts can be created to avoid accumulation of arrears of work.
8.               Mid-service training :
                  To acquire updated knowledge in Ruling in Saving Schemes amended then and there, introduction of modified version in SB Software, suitable refresher training in the middle of service to all cadres of SBCO may be arranged.
9.               Financial up-gradation to Pre-UDCs:
                  It is hereby resolved that based on the judgement issued by CAT, Calcutta, and dismissal of SLP No. 18019/2006 moved by the Department in Supreme Court, necessary orders are to be issued to grant financial up gradation under Time Bound Promotion to pre-UDCs from the date on which the pre- LDCs were granted promotion after introduction of TBOP and BCR schemes in SBCO wing.
10.             Withdraw the operative work:
                  A number of operative works were added to SBCO such as maintenance of Accounts-wise balance in V 2 SBCO for the categories of RD, MIS, SCSS, verification MPKBY/SAS Agents commission Bills, Deputation to sub office for verification of account balances, settlement of minus balances objections. These items of work are not covered under the control procedures. It is resolved that such works which is not under control procedure of SBCO should be withdrawn.
11.             MACP Promotion:
                  MACP scheme has been introduced w.e.f. 1.9.2008. Prior to it no CR was made available to the official for perusal. After introduction of MACP, Bench mark was introduced. So many officials of SBCO have been deprived off the promotion due to average CR. It is hereby resolved that in such cases the average CR should be treated as good prior to 01.09.2008 and promotions should be granted to those officials.
12.             Filling up of Vacant Posts:
                  So many posts i.e. hundreds in number are lying-vacant in each SBCO in all circles. After exemption from Screening Committee the posts in PA/SA cadre have been filled up in thousands of numbers but there is no recruitment in SBCO. The work load is increasing day by day. It is hereby resolved that all vacant posts of SBCO should be filled up as early as possible.
13.             Supply of updated Computers and furniture.
                  In most of the SBCO branches out dated Computers have been supplied and no table or chair has been supplied. For better functioning updated Computers and tables and chairs should be supplied in each SBCO branch.
                  You are therefore requested to kindly cause a serious & suitable action on aforesaid items to mitigate the issues failing which the Association shall be constrained to observe trade union movements as decided in C.W.C. postponed for Feb. 2014.
                  Awaiting early action.
                  With thanks.
Yours sincerely,

(Virendra Tewary)
General Secretary

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