Monday, March 30, 2015

Discussion of SBCO leaders with 7th CPC

 Important issue discussed in 6th CPC and recommended by 6th CPC for un- organized accounts cadre not considered for SBCO by the Department pointed out to the 7th CPC hon'ble Chairman/ Secretary. On which  Note/ views  from the Govt called  for disparity in Audit & SBCO scales by the 7th CPC Chairman- Letter adressed to 7th CPC accepted for details by the Chairman/ Secretary 7th CPC during discussion.
-S.P.kulkarni-president( CHQ).

Copy of letter handed over to 7th CPC is endorsed here.

   [  Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees” ]
                          (Recognized Association in SBCO Cadre)
                                        CENTRAL HEAD QUARTER
                                 CHQ- 1 St FLOOR, NRTH AVENUE POST OFFICE BUILDING, NEW DELHI, 110001
Ref No- CHQ/AIPSBCOEA/15                                                                  Date- 25.03.2015
            The Chairman
            The Secretary, 7Th CPC,
            New Delhi-110001
Sub :- Anomalies raised in  SBCO cadre Under Department Of Posts.

Respected Sir,
Anomalies created in the status & Pay structure of the SBCO Staff are continuously  put up to the all concerned Authorities from 5Th& 6Th CPC. Though this cadre is formed by the Promotions & direct Recruitment and having higher status is totally downgraded in the scales from time to time and brought at par with Postal Assistants and now in PB-I in 6th CPC Staff being Promoted from Postal Assistants as UDC in SBCO is again brought  with PA cadre.
On the other side though this cadre separated from DAP/ Accounts cadre and performing same work as internal audit/ accounting is not considered for the benefit awarded to the Accounts cadre Vide Min. of Finance ,Deptt. Of Expenditure E.III –B branch dtd 28th Feb.2003.
The draft submitted will clear how this staff is downgraded in status & lost its identity though defined as distinct cadre. Neither promotional benefits of Postal Operative staff nor promotions & pay at par with Audit & accounts staff granted to this staff.( Annex-1 & 2)
More over Verdict in Kolkatta O.A. No- 793-8/2006 & O.A. No- 1148/2003 in favor of staff about Pay scales & pay grades are neglected by the Department till this date and staff is waiting for its implementation.
It is pointed out that vide 6 th CPM recommendations Gazette part –III the provision is laid down for revision of Pay for accounts staff belonging to un-organized accounts cadre as per Annexure-3 to extend the corresponding replacement Pay Bands & Grade Pay at par with Accounts Staff . It was put up to the Concerned for consideration but not looked into.
Considering the all facts it is proposed to consider this SBCO cadre at par with Accounts cadre and grant all benefits at par with organized Accounts cadre. ( annexure-3(i) , (ii) )
It is requested to examine the matter to grant all benefits of promotions, scales at par with Accounts organized cadre as this section staff is detached from Audit & Accounts and performing same functions for DAP/ Audit.( Annex- 4)

Thanking you,                                               Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                                                                 ( S.P.Kulkarni)
( Virendra Tiwari)                                                                                                 President ,
General Secretary                                                                     All India Postal SBCO Emp. Assn( CHQ)

Encl. Letters to explain the facts.

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