Saturday, November 21, 2015

Do you know how to calculate your Salary based on 7th Pay Commission Report?  Don’t think that it is a huge task and you cannot do this because it very simple as below.

Here illustrate the method through easy 6 Steps to calculate our 7th CPC New Pay and Allowances to know yourself

Let us assume you are drawing Grade Pay Rs.4200 and Pay in the Band Pay Rs.12110
To calculate your Basic Pay and Allowance follow the steps given below.

Calculate your sixth CPC basic Pay 
( Grade Pay + Band Pay)   = 4200+12110= 16310
Multiply the above figure with 7th CPC Fitment Formula 2.57
16310 x 2.57 = 41916.70 . ( Paisa to be rounded off to the nearest Rupee)
                           The Ans is = Rs.41917
Match this Answer with Matrix Table ( Given Below) Figures assigned in Grade Pay column Rs.4200
7th CPC new PayScale
7th cpc new pay matrix
There is no matching figure we arrived above in this matrix, so the closest higher figure assigned in the Grade Pay column can be chosen ie is Rs. 42300
So , Rs 42300 is your New 7th CPC Basic Pay
Identify your HRA 
HRA has been revised as 24%, 16% and 8% for 30% , 20% and 10% respectively
So if you are in 30% HRA Bracket, your HRA in 7th CPC is 24% vis versa.
Let us assume now you are in 30% HRA bracket, your revised HRA is 24%
Find the 24% of the Basic Pay  =   42300 x 24/100 = 10152
 Your HRA is Rs.10152
Identify your TPTA (Transport Allowance)
7th CPC Recommends Transport Allowance for three Category of Employees for Two Types of Places
If you are living in A1 and A classified cities you will be entitled to get higher TPTA rates
7th cpc TPTA Transport Allowance
And since your Grade Pay is 4200 you fall in Second category
ie Grade Pay 2000 to 4800 – Rs 3600+DA
Your TPTA is Rs. 3600/- (DA is Nil as on 1.1.2016)
(Sine DA will be Zero from 1.1.2016 So no need to calculate the DA to calculate 7th Pay and Allowances from 1.1.2016)
Add all the figures 
New Basic Pay + HRA+TPTA = 42300+10152+3600 = 56052
 Your revised 7th CPC Grass pay as on 1.1.2016  =  Rs.56052
By- S.P.Kulkarni

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